Introduction from the Bride to Be

Hey everyone reading this! (which is probably just me and Joey right now)

I’m extremely excited! I’m Amy, I’m 24 years old from Destrehan, LA. I recently got engaged to my <3, Joey! We have known each other for a few years now, and met on Yahoo Messenger. Usually, I ignore guys that would IM me using that service, but in talking to Joey, I realized this guy was different…this guy I had to talk to. He was so interesting and goofy…I just wanted to keep talking all night! We eventually met in real life, and things hit off right away. We were only together for a month, because our personalities then were much different. We remained friends through it all, and would talk to each other sporatically.  A couple years later, in my senior year of college, we decided to give this relationship one more shot….we were more mature and had much more in common! Sixteen wonderful months later, here we are! Planning our big day!!

We have booked the church (St. Charles Borromeo), which is the church I’ve attended all my life. It’s a beautiful church!!

We are looking into holding the reception at Ormond Country Club as well, since their prices are reasonable and the facility was recently renovated.

We are also looking at photographers, and the main one I’m looking at right now is Amanda Meyers. Her work is beautiful and she is EXTREMELY affordable!

Our colors are teal and chartreuse with coral and pink flowers for our spring wedding. We are working under a budget of 10K, so it will be heavy on the DIY projects and crafts 🙂 but I hope in the end, it’s still elegant and beautiful for us, our families and friends to enjoy!


One Response to Introduction from the Bride to Be

  1. Alanna says:

    The fact that your wedding will have a lot of DIY stuff will make it that much more personal, unique, and beautiful! 10K is going to be tough though, so I wish you luck. Please ask if you ever have any questions about the planning process. I looooove wedding stuff and love to talk about mine. 🙂

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