I have a Bridal Party!

*plays trumpet fanfare* (Imagine Olympics music)

Presenting, the bridal party of the century! hehe..I’m in a silly mood!

Kimberly, my sister (Maid of Honor)

Rachel, my sister (Bridesmaid)

Jenna, best friend from college (Bridesmaid)

Katrina, best friend from college..yes I have two! (Bridesmaid)

These ladies are the best ever! I’m so excited that they can all be part of Joey and I’s big day!

I’m sure you want to know how I asked them….well my inner Martha wanted to do a little more than a phone call, so I went to Target and bought some items. The great thing was that some items in their clearance section was on clearance! I bought some Silver Notecards and Silver Envelopes. I also purchased some bridesmaids stickers and affixed those to the card. I wrote a heartfelt note to the girls on the inside as well. The cards total was $4 for 10 cards and 10 envelopes…nice clearance right? I only used 4… I was planning on putting a dress outline on the front in white cardstock but just didn’t feel like it. Those 10 small cards were 37 cents…I’ll use them for something else!

That wasn’t enough…so, I went and made oreo truffles and used my cake decorating skills to try to write on each truffle B My B M ?…unfortunately, chocolate is very hot melted and it kinda hurt to do this, so the letters aren’t perfect but they got the idea!

If you want to do this yourself, here is the recipe:

1 bag crushed oreos (put them in a freezer bag and just crush them with a rolling pin or crush in a food processor)

14 oz. condensed milk (doesn’t have to be precise..this just binds the crumbs together)

Mix the two together, and roll into small balls…I used a teaspoon as guidance for this…then refrigerate balls (used wax paper b/t layers of balls).

Melt the chocolate in a glass or plastic bowl. Make sure the bowl has NO WATER in it…a problem arose for me when I had water in there…made the chocolate thick and harder to work with but I did it. Microwave at defrost setting for 30 second intervals and stir with a toothpick in b/t each interval, until melted. Then, dip in melted white chocolate or dark chocolate (to make the chocolate more shiny, I sprayed a tiny bit of veggie oil in the bowl with the chocolate).

I used a mold for this for pretty purposes…so for a mold, you “paint” the shell of the mold first, freeze for like a minute or so, then take out the mold, put the ball in the mold (I would use 1/2 teaspoon balls for the mold), then pour in chocolate to fill the rest of the truffle mold and allow to set in the freezer for another 2 minutes, and then they pop out!

For writing, I used a plastic decorator bag and microwaved the chocolate in the bag at 30 sec intervals, squeezing the chocolate around the bag after every interval, on the defrost setting until smooth and melted. Then snip a small corner off and write. Be careful though…the bag can be hot..

The results of my madness? Only about $10 in supplies for the chocolates (chocolates were on sale at Michael’s), oreos, candy mold and condensed milk. The cards were $4…plus I had excess truffles, chocolate and cards. So essentially, tiny small gifts for your future BM’s for less than $4/piece!!

Bridesmaid Gift!



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