My mystery shopping Target adventure….

YAY for free stuff! I work a full time job currently but often on the side, I’ll do some mystery shops for extra cash and perks. I landed this awesome Target mystery shop last month, and the company sent me a $25 visa card and told me to spend $15-20 on it for my shop (just to see if the associate offers a Target Visa application)…super easy! I knew I wanted some stationary stuff, so I went to the scrapbooking section, and OMG, there were red tags EVERYWHERE! I love clearance!! So, I raided for my wedding stuff!! (and it was all free for me!)

10 Silver Cards and Envelopes (reg $4 each but I got them for $4 for both!)

10 small white cards (37 cents)

Xyron small machine kit with other Xyron goodies and refills (reg 23 bucks…5 bucks on clearance)


Vario 1000 pc sticky squares…gonna use for pocketfold backing (reg $11…2 bucks on clearance)


2 packs of Bridesmaids stickers (not on sale but $3/piece)

It ended up adding to exactly $19.94…just below my limit! (was all free..omg!) I was so happy! As you can see in the post below, some of this has been already used for asking my Bridesmaids!!


3 Responses to My mystery shopping Target adventure….

  1. Alanna says:

    You have to tell me about this mystery shops thing… I so want to do it!

  2. […] where I can get shops at my local Target and they reimburse me for my $25 purchase. Check out my mystery shopper trip! I bought stationary and stickers for my “Asking my BM” cards, a Xyron […]

  3. christine says:

    How do you become a mystery shopper?

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