Busy weekend ahead!

**I was advised to remove the names of the reception venues since the world can see my info and blah blah blah**

Well, this weekend is it. We are visiting 4 sites for our reception, and will make our decision this weekend! I plan to put the deposit down and book next week! This is SO exciting, but scary because we are locking in! Hopefully, these locations won’t break our budget! These are in no particular order of preference…just distance from ceremony!

Location 1: Local Country Club

This place is located in Destrehan, about 7 minutes from the church. It’s an easy drive…

Pros: Easy Drive, Huge location, Parking, Newly renovated as of Fall 2007

Cons: Not too good for the price ($30 pp for 2 pastas, 4 apps, open bar…no extras), may require lifeguard for pool area, doesn’t include anything but food and location.

Location 2: Reception Venue in next town

This place is located in my dad’s hometown of Norco. It’s a beautiful little hall, about 15 minutes away and all inclusive!

Pros: All inclusive, Beautiful interior, Parking, tons of food variety and open bar…only $36 pp

Cons: Norco can be smelly outside since it’s near refineries, location is a little on the small side for 150 guests

Location 3: Aunt/Uncle’s Country Club

This is a country club located in Harahan, about 20-25 minutes away. My aunt and uncle belong to the country club, and it comes recommended. I’m very unfamiliar with this location, so I don’t have pros/cons yet.

Location 4: Museum like house in New Orleans

This is located in New Orleans. I would say this is about 30 minutes away, but it’s another all inclusive at a fair price ($37.95 pp). To get it at the price, we have to book in April. I’d love for the guests to go to New Orleans for the reception, but the only thing holding us back has been price. We aren’t familiar with this place either, but I have some pros/cons that come to mind…

Pros: All inclusive, gratuity included!

Cons: Distance, Parking (may have to buy vouchers for guests)

Ahhh…decisions decisions…we have a busy weekend ahead!


2 Responses to Busy weekend ahead!

  1. Amie says:

    Why haven’t you looked at Ormond Plantation yet? It’s VERY decently priced (we’re getting over 300 people for about $9K, so it would be well within your 150 person price range) is close to St.Charles, gorgeous exterior, and they just put a new A/C in their reception area. Everything is included and the cake is from Haydel’s (and now another place where you can get colored icing, but I didn’t look into it because that was new after we booked last year)

    Just a suggestion 🙂

  2. Christie says:

    I’m so thrilled looking at this… you’re having so much fun with it. I wish I had done more DIY stuff for my wedding and gotten a better reception place… I was married in June and the reception was at a hotel where Jeremiah was working at the time so we got a crazy deal for $8 a person, but the air conditioner was broken the day of the wedding. Let me tell you… June wedding with no air conditioner at the reception was less than pleasant, especially since my dress weighed about a ton and I was sticky and hot in it. Think to yourself it’s going to probably be fairly warm, and make sure there’s a lot of SPACE because when you put a bunch of people in a small reception hall it’s going to be hotter.

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