The site is….

Neither of the 4! Unbelievable right?

After a discouraging meeting with the coordinator of venue 1, that morning my mother told me about the place they had their reception when they got married. How sentimental, right? This became venue 5. I called Venue 5 that faithful Saturday morning, and the man who answered was informative and encouraged us to visit that day! However, come as early as possible because they have a prom there that night.

Problem was, we were booked solid with appointments every two hours. Could we squeeze venue 5 in there?? After driving to venue 2 in New Orleans, we were quick to notice that on a Saturday, where would our 150 potential guests park? Why would we put them through a 30 min. drive that was more out of their way than before? So, we immediately cancelled our appointment and drove to venue 5. Venue 5 is a good 20 minute drive, to the nearest suburb to New Orleans, Metairie (don’t hate on my writing skills…).

We get to the venue, and the confusing thing here is there are two venues. Both owned by different people. One has a stucco exterior, the other has a more dated brick exterior. We were seen by the owner of the stucco one, and he confused us for another couple, luring us into the pink room of wedding bliss. (at least for me…love pink!) We told him we weren’t Mr. whoever he asked for. We asked, is this the North? He said no, but would be glad to show us anyway. We mentioned we had an appt. with North, so he said, well please come back and let me tell you the details about our venue too!

We head to North, afraid of what’s inside since the exteriors are dramatically different. However, the inside is (relievingly, if that’s a word) not dated and surprisingly twice the size of venues 1-4 too! Yay for non stuffiness in Louisiana heat (late May wedding = nasty humid heat). We go over the prices, which are $29 pp, all inclusive, with open bar, hot/cold buffet, passed h’or doerves (dear God, did I hack the spelling there?), cake, DJ, duty officer, tax, gratuity included. It was all so much for SO little (as opposed to venue 1-4). We took our happy thoughts and a partially open mind with a betcha the stucco place is miles more expensive thoughts to the South venue. Same food, cake partially paid for….2K more! UGH….oh wait, and some expensive sound system so people can talk in their seats…whatever…people in Louisiana scream anyway. We leave with happy thoughts about North.

We drive to Office Depot so I can be eco-friendly and recycle ink cartridges from work. I get $3 credit for each one :). So, I buy a bigger wedding planning binder than the one I bought on Amazon, which can I mention is pretty good, but if you did the tabs yourself, just as good. Here’s the linky just in case. Then, in the parking lot, Joey suggests, let’s book the North. Of course, I’m nervous…this is it…the reality that our venue has been chosen is sinking in. I try to hold back tears and succeed…we got a place!

So, we sign the fancy paperwork, get some things to fill out when the wedding gets closer (song lists, cake pull peeps, cake paperwork to bring to Haydel’s), I write a $500 check (kinda hurt there) and we are on our merry way! We celebrate with a lunch at Chili’s because all that damn talk about food I probably will barely munch on makes my tummy grumble! 🙂

Curious to see venue 5 eh? Here ya go!!


2 Responses to The site is….

  1. Christie says:

    My company had their 50th anniversary party there. That is a really, really nice venue, and it was huge. We had hundreds of people there and there was plenty room for all the tables tables and room for dancing, too. The food was great, by the way. You’re definitely getting a good deal.

  2. Amie says:

    I went to a reception there a few years ago, and it was very nice.

    The expensive places can’t do it better, anyways.


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