Kid’s Favor Idea!

This is a great and cheap idea for those who have favors, but aren’t quite kid friendly. While my planned favors so far are kid friendly but can be messy for little kids, I feel that kids would like this idea even more.

I recently found this idea on the internet. It’s using Reynolds Fun Shapes tins to make large lollipops in shapes of hearts or stars. This product came out a few years back, and are really difficult to find in stores. However, I found a bunch at my local Dollar Tree (24 to a pack for $1), and bought two boxes of hearts and two boxes of stars. I plan on using the heart shapes for the favors, and writing something  cute on them in colored vanilla chocolate that you can get at Michael’s on sale usually for $1.69/pack. (P.S. The stars are great, because I volunteer with kids and these are rewards or little gifts I like to give them for being a “Star”..yes it’s cheesy but works wonders.)

I have the directions on how to do them here in my food blog. I was thinking of using blue and green Jolly Ranchers to try to stay true to the colors (teal and brown) in our wedding. I figured a mix of blue and green makes teal hehe, and what kid wouldn’t love an apple/blue raspberry sucker?

Here is one with all 5 Jolly Rancher flavors…you will slap yo momma at how EASY these things are to make!


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