A green thought (or two)….

Lately, with all of the global warming talk, I do worry a little bit about how the world is affected by our everyday lives. In reading some articles, I have been slowly developing ideas in my head on how to make our wedding more eco-friendly. Granted, I’m not solar powering my reception or anything like that, but it’s the little steps and little things that we do that make a difference (not to mention, are fairly nice to your budget as well)

Some of my ideas are…

Centerpieces in clay pots. Granted these aren’t the most green option, but with clay pots, I know I (or my horticulture driven mother) will use these pots after the reception. I mean, how many glass vases do you really need in your home?

Recycled paper invitations. I work in GIS (geographic information systems) and all I do is print HUGE maps all day. I may as well make up for all the shredded drafts of maps that I make, plus, this cardstock is at Office Depot. This means, no need for shipping and packaging. Plus, this is where I recycle my and my work’s ink, so I can use my $3 off coupons here too!! SCORE!

Recycled Kraft paper favor boxes. These are available at Nashville Wraps for about $6 cheaper than the color boxes package.

Those are only SOME of the ideas I have so far. 🙂 More to come later…





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