Engagement Pics!!

Our wonderful photographer, Amanda Meyer, took our engagement pictures for us last April in what is known as “the quad” on LSU’s campus. The scenery there is just beautiful, and I knew this would make for great shots. It was one of my favorite places to just hang out in college, because it is just relaxing and gorgeous! The weather, lucky for us, was beautiful for a spring day in Louisiana, and Amanda made us feel so comfortable.

Finally, without further adieu, I give you a sampling of our engagement pictures (at least my favorites!)

By the way, I will openly admit and give a huge thank you to Sara Blakely for creating Spanx. I appreciate your products holding in my non-photo friendly belly šŸ™‚

Images source

Did you feel comfortable around your photographer when it came to taking engagement pictures?


2 Responses to Engagement Pics!!

  1. […] for photography, we wanted engagement pictures, as well as bridal pictures….so that added another $400 to the tab, making it $1500 total. […]

  2. […] you want before pictures, check out our e-pics ;). So, a few weeks ago, I asked, who is gonna take on the task of whipping my butt into shape for […]

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