Simply Stunning Looks…

Being that the wedding is in Louisiana, in what is our early Summer season, there is no way you will see this future bride in heavy beading, an overly poufy Cinderella dress, etc.

Looking at Jenna Bush’s beautiful ranch wedding, I love how comfortable and beautiful she looks in her dress. Of course, her dress was thousands, probably, but at the same time, I would love a look similar to that. I would love to be comfortable, elegant and of course, in budget.

Image source
When I started dress shopping, I had a certain look in mind. I wanted sleeves because I need something to hold the dress up so I’m not pulling it up to keep the gals in check all day. I also felt that I couldn’t pull the look off well either (thinks nightmarish senior prom). I also wanted little to no beading, because beads add weight, and in the summer, who really wants that?

Here were the styles I had in mind when I started dress shopping.

Option 1:

I’m not in fashion but no beading screams my name here. While this isn’t like Jenna Bush’s dress, this quickly became my front runner. It’s just so simple with a bit of volume, but not too much. I love the neckline and the way it bunches up in all the right places. Simple and beautiful!

Image source

Option 2:

This gown looks like something that would be worn to an outdoors wedding. It’s a dress with really the same volume as option 1, but the lightness of the dress looks like something that I could walk around all day in, but still feel like a bride.

Image source

Option 3:

This dress is very similar to the option 2 dress above, however, I think the fabric looks nicer, and I like the neckline more. It also looks to flatter the model a lot more, but they have different bodies so I’m not sure. Very springy/summery and light but elegant as well!

Image source

Did you have a look or dress in mind when you went dress shopping?


3 Responses to Simply Stunning Looks…

  1. Christie says:

    I love dress #1 and #2. You are going to look so lovely.

  2. Amie says:

    Hehe. . . DON’T go in there with a set thought. You have to remember the thing about wedding dresses. . .they’re REAL dresses, not the fake, looks real Dillard’s prom dress we all wore when we were 18. (or at least my cheap behind did!)

    Therefore, what looks good on you on a regular basis (for me, it’s halter tops and empire waists) does NOT look good on you in wedding dress world!!!

    I was very much against strapless and beading, and this is the dress I ended up with :

    If you notice, it is both strapless, and has beading. And it’s GORGEOUS on me. Even though everything about it SHOULD look awful on me if you consider what I can wear on a daily basis.

    The halter made me look WAY too skinny and flat-chested, and the empire waist made me look about 7 months pregnant.

    The knot has a really good article (or had, like 14 months ago) about what you SHOULD wear for your body type. And they were dead on with me. Thank God I listened to Ms. Ruth at Pearl’s Place. Also, if you’re worried about the sister’s coming out, try on a strapless dress or two with a TRUE corset back. I have the opposite problem with not enough to hold up a strapless dress, and the lacing on the back of my dress keeps that bitch VERY firmly in place.

    That being said, if these end up being exactly what you need to wear, I ADORE the first dress. The rouching on the waist will do WONDERS on your figure. They make skinny girls look like they have curves and make curvy girls look at least 4 sizes smaller. EVERYBODY wins with that style. If you notice, it’s in my dress, too!

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