One year until I’m a Mrs.

…and according to the male coworkers, until Joey is stuck for life LOL!

Today, I went to get breakfast, and the cashier asked to see my ring. She said, “He must really love you.” All I could come up with (in my nasty cold voice) is “Yep! We are SO going to Houston this weekend!” (OMG…am I a nerd or what??)

It’s really unbelievable that when I was a little girl, I remember seeing brides as princesses. I thought, my mom and dad are married. One day, in a long time, I’ll be married too.

I’m sure you want the story on Joey and I…so here goes

In high school, I had zero luck with the guys, and looking at all the girls with their dance dates, (in those moments), I thought, frumpy ol’ Amy is NEVER going to find a man. ugh! In college, I really didn’t have much luck with guys either. I was more of a friend, which was fine. My luck started to change a bit in the middle of college. I started talking to guys online…sporatically (VERY sporatically) meeting up with them. Joey was one of them. At first, we were just too different. I was very rebellious (smoking occassionally, wanting to drink a lot) and he was just more mature than I was.  We didn’t work out after a month and I just blew him off. I was really mad that my first relationship didn’t work out.. We would sporatically (once again, really really sporatically) talk and I remember we met up a couple of times after my breakup with my second boyfriend. I remember a year or so went by and I just didn’t really care. I joined eHarmony and started dating this other guy in Baton Rouge. He was very much a workaholic and just really didn’t give me the time of day. We went on a few dates..but I realized…I could do better. Joey and I were talking a little more at this point, since he broke up with his then girlfriend. I don’t exactly remember what triggered it, but we decided to talk while he was away in California. When he came back, I wanted to date him again..just to try us again. Fast forward a little over 16 months together, and Joey is  proposing to me. Wow..unbelievable right?

To think, in a year, I’m going to be his wife. Joey has chosen to be with me for the rest of his life. It’s really amazing, and I’m really excited about it. I look at our house, and I’m amazed at the progress. I can see us starting a family and starting our lives together there. It’s so wonderful knowing this is all in a year. So, Joey, if you are reading this, maybe I can say this, Happy (-1) Year Anniversary!! 🙂 ❤


One Response to One year until I’m a Mrs.

  1. Amie says:

    I’m so late on reading since I’ve been out of town with work, but congratulations!! You deserve nothing but the best.

    And highschool boys (especially ours!) are so very stupid. I see a few of them out from time to time, and it just amuses me. . . .especially when they stop working out after football ends. And start losing their hair. And have trouble getting dates now. Hehehe. . . karma is a real bitch, right?

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