Florist BOOKED!

I officially booked my florist, and her name is Christina O’Malley. She came highly recommended on the Knot for having beautiful flower arrangements at affordable, budget friendly prices! She works out of her studio in her home, so there is no overhead cost or anything like that. When I received her quote, she came in at $750 total for EVERYTHING! I had to book her….I just had to!

So here are the checkmarks…

Ceremony (check….$250)
Reception (check…$4800)
Photographer (check….$1500)
Florist (check…$750)

Oooo lawdee lawd! This is getting expensive! (but I’m in budget still)

Total spent so far: $7300/$10,000

Next up: Limo booking but I have a question for those who read this…

What do you think if I just rented a limo for the bride and the groom? My mom flipped out, but seriously to stay in budget, if I got a limo for bride and groom, party and parents/grandparents, it would be almost $1000. One limo would be about $300…but I’m also toying with the idea of a Vintage Rolls Royce for just us(same price and just cooler looking)…please comment!!


3 Responses to Florist BOOKED!

  1. Alanna says:

    It’s really hard to pay for a wedding on your own. But the bright side is, since you are paying you get to make the decisions. And it is totally okay for you to just get a limo for you and Joey. It’s rude of others to expect that you provide their transportation. It’s a nice thing to do if you can afford it, but by no means should it be expected. I think most people would understand! If someone gives you a hard time, kindly let them know that limos can be rented by anyone and to knock themselves out!

  2. Amie says:

    They WILL expect the limo, so be sure to inform them there will be none. The only problem I forsee is your Bridesmaid’s dates being at the “before” spot so they can have transportation to and from without multiple cars. If you want to limit that, get your mom to drive all the girls to the wedding, and have their dates meet them there.

    Apparently, guys expect to be driven to the church in a limo, too. Which is weird for me because in our family, the groomsmen always just met at the church and rode to the reception with the girls. We’re going cheap and getting a stretch hummer from Big Easy. It’s about $700 (Friday wedding, yay!) and I don’t get my own limo, but I’d rather be with everyone else, anyways πŸ™‚

  3. Christie says:

    Jeremiah and I just had our own limo, no transportation for anyone else. If you plan it out well to make sure everyone knows they have to arrange transportation, I don’t see what the problem is. You could always get sassy and remind her that you could just elope. πŸ˜‰ That’s what I did when I made decisions my mom didn’t like.

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