My latest adventure, just to get these done before things get hectic with planning, is the pocketfold invitations. I know my wedding is over 11 months away, but I’m DIYing these…and I want to not stress myself out over them. In actuality, I’m LOVING the way they are turning out so far!! 😀

I ended up purchasing a sample pocketfold in Retangolo from Cards & Pockets to make my template. A $3.xx investment well worth it IMO. Their pocketfolds are about $1 each…the ones I’m making will be 30 cents. Before I was ever engaged, Joey and I wanted a teal and brown wedding, so one day, I was on websites looking for large teal paper and stumbled upon Strathmore textured art paper. The Marina Teal color was being discontinued on MisterArt. Anyways, the paper was about 70 cents/sheet plus shipping and handling. I bought up their stock of 48 pages. This paper, measured out, makes 3 pocketfolds per sheet. So, I have PLENTY of extras :D.

To cut the art paper, I went to Kinko’s. The provide a great laser cutting service that is $1.50/cut. At first, it sounded expensive to me too, but each cut can cut through 200 pages at one time. Grand total for 3 cuts through 48 sheets? $4.50…perfection!

I’m a scrapbooker, so I own a Fiskar’s paper cutter…the $10 one at Wally World years ago but it’s $15 on Amazon so not bad…anyways, it works like a dream! I purchased a score blade to use on the paper cutter and a bone folder at Michael’s to make my folds look pretty!

To adhere the folder part, I used Terrifically Tacky tape, also at Michael’s…used my 50% off coupon from the paper this week on it. I find that the textured paper helps to hold the tape..and makes for a better bond.

I made only 8 so far, but Joey and I are going to work on these this weekend and finish them. 🙂 YESS!! Let’s get these pocketfolds done! Hehehehe…


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  1. Candice says:


    I sometimes visit New Orleans and I would like to come and meet with you. You are very good at DIY and I am on a totally strict budget. I especially would like for you to show me how to do the pocketfolds and the scoring. I’m lost with finding reasonably priced paper. I tried the website you listed above but my paper is 30 1/2 by 20 1/2 and it is almost 3 dollars per sheet. I ordered 3 smaples today and shipping is 7 dollars. Please respond using th email alexusjoanne@yahoo.com. Thanks

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