My creative juices are overflowing…

I’m 10 months and 4 weeks out…it’s so amazing! My excitement about planning this big day keeps growing and growing! So much to explain…so many blogs are overdue, but I want to make a tribute to my BM’s…these girls are wonderful and I want to introduce them to the world (and talk about a few ideas I have for them..)

My maid of honor…my dear sister Kimberly. She and I were roommates for 16 years of my life. We fight, we laugh, we cry, we tickle…we’ve tackled everything together. Sometimes I hate her guts…she is the scum between my toes…wait, stealing a movie line here (oh Darla!) Anyways, she is singing Ave Maria in my wedding..her voice is angelic and mine, well, I sing in the car and swear people outside are giving me weird looks when they hear me! Yay Kimberly…I’m so glad you are my MOH!

My bridesmaids…Rachel, Jenna and Katrina.

Rachel is my youngest sister…she sings too…really well. I’m sure I’ll have to make many trips to NYC to see her in a broadway show. She is a determined girl, and very opinionated. Once she raises an eyebrow at you, you know something went wrong. She won’t be able to get into any bars for my bachelorette…we need to figure these little details out here. However, despite her high school age, I’m glad she is in the wedding too!

Jenna is my dear friend from college. She is the smartest person I know. She is in law school…about to be a 3L (OMG Woods Comma Elle!)…and is just hilarious to be around. I’m comfortable talking to her about anything, and I’m so glad she is able to be a part of the wedding, despite her busy schedule!!

Katrina is another dear friend from college. This girl can sing some serious stuff too. Why do I know so many good singers? LOL…I’m slightly jealous here! Katrina is the type of person you want to have a beer drinking party with in the apartment fun area while playing pool and Pacman (remember?? LOL!) OMG good times…Katrina lives far far away in a land called Dallas and she is totally awesome for coming down to NOLA to be a part of the wedding!

Anyways, these girls are so wonderful. I can’t show them enough appreciation…and I want to shower them with gifts for being here for me! They rock!

A site I love looking at for gift ideas is etsy…I love helping a fellow crafter out. I want to start an etsy business one day…real bad, so in the mean time, I lurk and buy around…

I’m gonna showcase the cutest gift idea I’m considering. Girls wear jewelry…jewelry deserves a place better than a ziploc bag. And these, made by etsy seller punchanella, are wonderful and fairly priced at $28 each! Check out the cuteness!


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