My newest splurge and (slight) obsession!

Joey and I have been discussing cool options for invitations. We are still doing teal pocketfolds, but the paper inside has been the talk of the town, I guess I can say. Being that we are on a strict budget, my idea was to buy ivory cardstock from Office Depot and print black ink on it from Kinko’s…super cheap but great and simple. Well, we got a little more into thought and Joey’s idea was to print white ink on vellum, then backing it with bronze stardream paper. Beautiful idea, but I wasn’t so sure about it…

Well, I thought about it, and said, well we have saved $250 on flowers, mom has volunteered to pay for flowers and my dress (Thanks MOM!)….and in other news, dad is going to help out as well. I’ve been on the fence about a Gocco PG-5 machine for a while, but this made it affordable in our budget. I’m UBER excited about the Gocco, which recently came in.

What did I order and how much, you ask…

Gocco PG-5 machine – 148.00 from Paper-Source (with free shipping).

Supplies Ordered from Northwood (Judy was prompt with shipping and everything came in pristine condition. I ordered 2 white inks, 1 yellow ink, 1 turquoise ink, 1 brown ink, 1 black ink, 2 packs of ink block, 1 pack of ink mixing bags, 1 pack of lamps, 1 pack of screens. – $61.80

Our little splurge was **JUST** over $200, at a grand total of $209.80!

To justify this purchase and make it budget friendly, I’m going to roughly spread out my planned savings here.

We are printing invitations with this…if I added this to the expected expense of invites, it makes them rougly $3 each (about on par with printers that do simple invites, but I’m using the GOCCO for more than this)

We are printing programs with this…save some moolah this way too!

We are printing our own Thank You cards…no need to buy stationary, just precut cardstock, score and fold, then print on the GOCCO. Buy A2 envelopes and we are GOLDEN…

Another thing we are printing, which is a little off the wall and will contribute HIGHLY to the savings….personalized napkins! The Gocco machine is an oil based ink, making it not run with drinks on it, and it won’t pat off on people’s faces. After 45 minutes, the ink is there and STAYING. Personalized napkins are like $20 for 50 napkins…HELLO! Party city has cocktail napkins for 99 cents on sale! BIG SAVINGS HERE, especially with making second line napkins and these are fully customizable.

There are more possibilities as well…but for now, this is it 🙂 and I can’t be more excited about it!


One Response to My newest splurge and (slight) obsession!

  1. Katrina says:

    I want to GOCCO!!!! Tell me when to be in town!!!!!!!

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