How to make your own Pocketfold invitations!

Since we are on a strict budget for the wedding, I decided early on that I would DIY as much as possible (without taking too much on) to save a dime here and there. I fell in love with the idea of pocketfold invitations early on, but websites selling them at over $1/piece, I knew this would be pricey. However, with the help of this DIY pocketfold bio, my creative mind started building a template. I used the Strathmore textured paper, which was on clearance at Mister Art because the Marina Teal color was being discontinued. I got the paper for about 80 cents/sheet, and bought up all 40 something odd pages of it! Then, I brought them to Kinko’s and had them laser cut the sheets into 4 pieces. Since the paper is 19×25 inches, it cut into 3 pieces at 7 inches tall, with a 4 inch tall piece leftover along the 25 inch. side. The cuts cost $5 total, just about and really saved me quite a headache of cutting perfectly straight 19 in. long pieces.

In my template, I have 7×19 inch pieces, and divided it originally as: 3″, 5″, 5″ with 6″ on the end for cutting the pocket out. Note: I only really needed 7×17 inch pieces for this project if 19″ is hard to find or if you are custom ordering your paper. However, after scoring my first one, it just didn’t fold into one another naturally. So, I went to another knottie’s blog (heatherkj’s Road to the Aisle) and found in her blog, that she had one 5 1/8″ score then one 5″ score, so that it would fold into one another smoothly. I tried that, and it worked (and it still fit in the A7 envelopes I bought!).

So, without further adieu, here is how to make a pocketfold in 5×7 size.

First off, the supply list. You will need:

* Large art paper that is at least 7×17 inches in dimension and is a thick cardstock, like 80 lb-110lb. (I recommend either Mister Art for the Strathmore paper or Anchor Paper for other brands..Anchor Paper actually carries the Strathmore line as well and still has Marina Teal!)

* Fiskars paper cutter with cutting and scoring blades. I bought my paper cutter years ago at Wal-Mart, so they won’t look the exact same as the one in the pictures you will see. The cutter is also at Michael’s, and you can often get this 40% off with the weekly coupons. The blades are also at Wal-Mart and Michael’s.

* bone folder (Mine doesn’t look like a standard one you will find, but they were in a two pack at Michael’s for $2)

* Terrifically Tacky Tape (at Michael’s for $3/roll but what I did is bought a bunch at a time with a 25% off TOTAL PURCHASE coupon found in every Bride’s or Martha Stewart Weddings magazine) I found that I need a roll for every 15-20 invitations.

* Pointy edge templates…you can use scraps to make the perfect pointy edges :). Mine went in/out about an inch on each side total. Just draw it out in pencil until you make what you like!

* pencil to trace pointy edges onto invites

Now that you have paid for the supplies, set up on a flat table with some good lighting and get ready to go. Once, I got in the swing of things, I could pump out 15 of these each hour that I really paid attention to it. This was rare though, because I would mainly do this while watching my reality TV :).

Using your Fiskars cutter, you can line up your paper straight with the edge at the top of the cutter to make sure your scores are straight and beautiful. There is a ruler along the cutter to help you find your exact edge for your score for up to 4 inches, and there is an expandable ruler that folds out from under the cutter as well, which you will use for the 5 1/8″ and 5″ scores. Remember, you are only using your scoring blade (grey) at this point. You don’t want to accidentally cut a fold! 🙂

Also, the quicker you run the blade along, at least I found, that the lines are straighter. Make sure you apply a fair amount of pressure but not too much. You can practice on scraps for a while, but it doesn’t take very long to get a feel for the scoring blade.

For the first score, you will score at 3″, then fold to make a nice flat crease with your bone folder.

Here is your first score…it’s hard to take pics and hold down the scorer and give you the idea at the same time, but yeah… here ya go!

For the second score, go another 5 1/8″ (using the fold out ruler under the cutter).

Here I am mid-score!

For the final score, go another 5″.

Here is where you will see the long 6″ leftover piece I end up with for the “pocket” that I really didn’t need in the end.

Now, this is how to make the pretty pointy edges for the pocketfolds using the template you  made.

Take the opening edge and line is up against your 3″ piece, then using a pencil, trace the edge onto your invite. Then, cut along the traced edge, either using your cutting blade (orange) or just regular old scissors.

Now, using the same edge on the pocketfold template, invert it and draw it into the 6″ edge (or 4″ if you do the 17″ long piece of paper). The trick is, you want the inner point of the pocket to be 2″ wide. So, what I did, was I measure 2 inches inside, then used that as the guide point to draw the pocket in. I used my cutter to cut the pocket, but you can use scissors here too!

Here is the pocketfold before you tape the folder in after all the cuts and folds.

Now, cut pieces of tape onto both the pocket and the 5″ side of the paper. This is another pointer I found off heatherkj’s blog. It helps the tape to stay permanently for the folder.

For this tape, the red tape backing helps you to see where you put the tape and position it. However, peel this off and stick the edges together to form the pocket!

Oooo..ahhhhh..the pocket! (I’m such a happy dork that these look great!)

Here’s a stack of them…there are two this size in total!

And here is a stack of untaped folders…I did end up finding that doing this in steps…score a bunch, cut a bunch, then tape a bunch…it’s easier and a bit quicker! 🙂

So there you have it brides….how to make a pocketfolder…and it ends up working out to about 35-40 cents/pocketfolder vs. a little over $1. If you start early and do a bit at a time, it’s not as daunting as some people say it is. As a scrapbooker/crafty person, I found this FUN 🙂


12 Responses to How to make your own Pocketfold invitations!

  1. nancy says:

    How much did it cost you for postage? Do you have a photo of the completed product with inserts?

  2. amyandjoeysbigday says:

    I am still 8 months out from the big day, so nothing yet. Stay tuned though…around the holidays, there will definitely be a finished product!

  3. Chelsey says:

    Random question : Did your ‘laser cuts’ have to be straight lines? or do they have an actual laser cutter that can do shapes, etc?

  4. Candice says:

    Hi, I would like for you to contact me, if possible through email ( I’m having a hard time with my paper and I would like your input if at all possible. I’m also a DIY (beginner). Thanks


  5. Brandy says:

    I came across this page and your invites are really fantastic. I am thinking of DIYing pocketfold invitations myself, and I was curious about paying to get cuts made. If you take the cardstock to Kinkos, do you have to have crop marks on the paper, or do you just need to tell them the sizes you need cut?

    • amyandjoeysbigday says:

      Sorry this took so long to reply to, but all you need are size dimensions. They have a measuring ruler built in the machine, I think!

  6. Jessica says:


    I was wondering where you got your card stock. Do you know of any good websites that have the right sizes and colours?

  7. Jessica says:

    Also, what type of tape are you using?

    • amyandjoeysbigday says:

      I got most of my cardstock at Anchor Paper. They were cheapest all around and would cut to size for me. They also have excellent customer service, despite how elementary their website looks. I used Terrifically Tacky tape for my pocketfolds, which is found at Michael’s Craft stores.

  8. Hugh Bohrn says:

    Liked the blog.Very informative and to the point.You will surely see me around your blog quite often as I like improving my knowledge.

  9. Michelle says:


    I would like to know if you have a pocketfold template for A9 pocketfolds. I’ve purchased the DIY cherry blossom wedding invitations by BRIDES and is considering using pocketfold. I saw your tutorial and would love to give this a try. Please can you advise what the template/dimensions to cut? How large of a sized paper do I need to purchase? Where can I purchase a metallic (light) pink paper for this?

    Any advise is greatly appreciated.


  10. Léloom says:

    Hello, I’m new to your blog, and I’m so glad to have found your post just as I was desperately looking for templates out there. Massive thank you!!

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