Mmmm…cake (and traditions)

Joey and I went to Haydel’s Bakery on Saturday morning (around 9:30am). Just a pointer for NOLA brides, go 9:30am or earlier….after we got there, the place got PACKED. However, the service there was impeccable. We met with a woman named Tonya, and she was extremely knowledgable and understanding in seeing our view for a wedding cake. We brought a picture of of cake I saw online for inspiration, as well as our palette colors. These two things helped the consultation go extremely smoothly! The only thing we lingered on was filling flavors..hehehe!

Tonya brought out a plate of six pieces of cake. They were all almond wedding cake but with different flavors. A small part of me wished they brought out some red velvet and cream cheese…mmm…but for a cake that was pretty much paid for with our reception, (I’ll explain pretty much in a bit) I wasn’t about to complain. Lemon buttercream, Chocolate buttercream, buttercream, Raspberry, Strawberry and Pineapple were the choices…and they were all pretty darn good!

With our reception of 150 guests, our reception was paying for a 3 tier wedding cake (really 2 tiers for the guests). We wanted to give our guests 3 choices of cake and not take chances in case people want to try them all, so we were offered to buy another tier for $35 dollars extra. Not too we added that!

Our flavors, after much going back and forth…and a lot of compromise…here is the lineup from the bottom up. Pineapple, Strawberry, Chocolate buttercream, and for our first anniversary cake yumminess, Strawberry :).

Note: Joey HATES chocolate, so he really did compromise for me on this one…thanks babe!

Another small note, the pictured cake below is fondant. I do cake decorating for a hobby, and while fondant is more smooth looking, it’s terribly nasty and expensive (like $20 in fondant at the store to cover two 8″ cakes). Your guests will peel it off the cake, and seriously, why not just do buttercream and make things easier on the guests(and cheaper for you!)

So, here is the cake that we showed Haydel’s for inspiration. Another thing that wasn’t free is the fleur de lis on the side…these are little molded sugar cubes, which we are having “painted” in a bronze color. These were $25 for all the fleur de lis needed for the cake…a little high IMO, but whatever :). The beading will be in teal, and the flowers will either be a mini bouquet of mine or an LSU inspired DIY cake topper. We really haven’t decided yet. We have time 🙂

Another idea I really didn’t give much thought to was the cake pulls. Haydel’s wanted to charge us $10 per charm (hells to the no!)….and then $25 for a new trend, a bracelet with the charm. The lightbulb in my little head went off…I could DIY these bracelets! Yet…another…project hehehe :). I don’t think I want the thimble charm in there…I want happy charms…old maid (I’ve gotten it before) is soooo blah!

So… I just need to figure out….how many cake pulls am I doing? Should I restrict this to the bridal party or branch out to all the single gals there?


3 Responses to Mmmm…cake (and traditions)

  1. Amanda says:

    The Michaels in Michigan sells these charms you are talking about. A friends wedding I was in did this and her baker did not charge extra to add them in. Just an idea

  2. Sue says:

    I was wondering if you would please tell me where you found the fleur de lis sugar cubes for $25. I would like to have them put on my cake. Sincerely, Sue

    • amyandjoeysbigday says:

      Haydel’s Bakery in Jefferson, LA did that for me. You might want to call them and see if they would be willing to make some and mail them to you.

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