Everything is BUDGET! (Part 2 of 5)

After we nailed down the place to have a wedding, we decided that it would be best to (DUH!) have someone to help us with the memories of our day!

The articles I read recommended 10-12% of the budget go towards photographer. So, I knew we had $1200 at the most to spend on a photog…unfortunately, no one was this cheap for our whole wedding!

I consulted my local knot board and originally emailed someone based in New Orleans, since he was closest to our price range. However, imagine my first hurdle in wedding planning, when he said he would be out of town for that weekend. (bummer…)

I was really bummed because there was no one even close in price range to what we could afford. I was perusing the local Baton Rouge board, and found our photographer, Amanda Meyer. Knotties raved about her and how affordable she is. At the time, she was there…$1200…perfect. However, we wanted to wait a little on it, and we wanted to meet her as well! I subscribed to her blog and noticed a post about a tax day sale of $100 off any booking!!! BINGO! We were in…$1100 for 6 hrs. wedding coverage!! (and NO TRAVEL FEES to our wedding even though she is 60-70 miles away!!)

Now, for photography, we wanted engagement pictures, as well as bridal pictures….so that added another $400 to the tab, making it $1500 total. (still a great price!)

15% of our budget….so we had to squeeze off 3% SOMEWHERE….but where?


One Response to Everything is BUDGET! (Part 2 of 5)

  1. showerfalls says:

    you seem to be a cheerfullperson unlike me….i really liked the way you make fun of ur frugal wedding plans………….and eventhough ur posts are uncommented on,you are enjoying writing..i liked ur attitude…..all the best for ur dream wedding…..and life thereafter.

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