Everything is BUDGET (Part 3 of 5)

Sorry this is late…bad bride! Bad bad bride!

Anyways, you may wonder where pinched the 3% off…well, I didn’t mean to, but it ended up being in flowers!

I met with one florist. Only one florist, but it was one of those things where I just *knew* she was perfect for our wedding. I’m not much of a flower girl….sure, whenever Joey sent me flowers, I’d turn bright red in the face out of excitement (and one time, embarrassment since I was at work…). However, I know I don’t need crazy elaborate flowers for our day. Joey really could care less (as long as he doesn’t have to wear a pink flower. 🙂 )

The budget article said 10% for flowers. So, $1000…that’s a lot of money for things that pop out of the ground! Little did I know that many people around here spend up to $3000 (and even more sometimes) on flowers! Good LORD! I was afraid…I was very afraid…everything else in the wedding industry is inflated, ya know?

So, I met with my (now) florist, Christina O’ Malley. I showed her things I liked, not really knowing much about flowers. She seemed to just catch my vision immediately. I told her my budget, and she told me I’d be in budget..way in budget. Two days later, I get my tentative quote…about $700-750.

Seriously? This is for all my bouquets, boutinieres, corsages, altar arrangements, etc. Wow! I kinda squealed on the sofa when I got my quote…it was exciting to potentially pinch off that 3% that I added in photography!!

Now, this is a tentative number, based on the flowers species that I mentioned. However, I hope the flower market doesn’t go crazy high (like gas and oil) in 10 months, so I can stay relatively close to this number. 

Part 4 coming at you this afternoon…. 🙂


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