Everything is BUDGET (Part 4 of 5)

The biggest efforts for me in this wedding will be my DIY list. I feel that it will help me save money and also make our wedding that much more “us”.

Here’s the list:

* Save the Dates
* Invitations (Pocketfolds)
* Programs
* Guest Book
* Jewelry for me and BM’s
* Personalized Napkins
* Thank You Notes
* Pew Bows
* Part of the gift for my BM’s (you think I’d list it here when they read this??

and I’m sure there will be more….

In some cases, DIY may not be cheaper. I’ve made sure in these cases listed that I’m still within my budget. However, sometimes a trip to Michael’s can make you carried away!

My budget splurge? (Thanks to the stimulus…..)

I did purchase a GOCCO…with supplies, I paid $209.00. This is justifiable though!! I will use this to make invitations…with the cost of that and paper alone, invites would be $3.50/guest. Still good price BUT I’m using the GOCCO for personalized napkins as well, where ink is $3/tube and napkins are $2/50 napkins. When some sites are $12/100 napkins, this is appx. $5 savings per 100….I bought about 700 napkins (cake and beverage). Using it to make programs and thank you cards (cut and scored cardstock) as well…

Some tips I have for my DIY-ing.

* eBay is your friend. Just be patient and you can get killer deals!!

* Get a Bride’s subscription…every issue has a 25% off the ENTIRE purchase at Michael’s coupon

* Use 40% off Michael’s coupons each week…just plan it out since you can only get one item each week.

* Become a mystery shopper…weird, yes…but I am a mystery shopper, where I can get shops at my local Target and they reimburse me for my $25 purchase. Check out my mystery shopper trip! I bought stationary and stickers for my “Asking my BM” cards, a Xyron machine…etc.

* Scope out the clearance racks at Target/Wal-Mart/Michael’s/Hobby Lobby…they almost always have bridal sales and sometimes clearances when the seasons change, since they have a LOT of seasonal stuff (including wedding seasonal). Right now, the pink and aqua BRIDE’s line is 50% off or more at my Michael’s.

* Take empty ink cartridges from home and work to Office Depot. For each cartridge, you get $3 off a purchase coupon. You can use 3 at a time, and get paper or whatever you need CHEAP. I love how much my office goes through ink…lol!


One Response to Everything is BUDGET (Part 4 of 5)

  1. Jess (SweetPea) says:

    How’s the mystery shopper thing? Good? Easy? PM on RoW or SparkPeople and fill me in!

    I like your tips!! šŸ˜‰

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