My first giveaway for the DIY Brides!!

After boring you through my budget posts and love of wedding planning, I decided to help a bride out! I purchased DIY Brides at Michael’s a few weeks back thinking I would need it for projects…however, most of my projects are planned and as BEAUTIFUL as the projects in this book are, I just don’t need to do them.

So, instead of returning the book, here is your opportunity to get a FREE copy of DIY BRIDES!! I love blog giveaways, don’t you??

To enter, just leave a comment on what DIY project you would love to take on but need a little help with. Leave the comment by the end of the day August 13th, and I’ll choose the winner Thursday morning (hoping to mail it out that Friday!).

ALSO, if you link this entry in your blog, I’ll give you 2 additional entries into the contest. Just leave a comment, with your blog website on it, for me to verify!!

Spread the word on this blog entry! I want to give as many brides a chance on this as possible!!


31 Responses to My first giveaway for the DIY Brides!!

  1. Joie says:

    How Fun! I’m DIY everything and have been eyeing this book for a few weeks. I really need some ideas on what to do for our programs and escort cards. I want something original (at this point, is anything WR original? I hope so… but I’m still searching for that WOW factor… That and I’m going to be making the headpieces for my FGs.

  2. Karneisha says:

    I’m interested in creating enough napkin-holder-sized pomanders to cover foam letters for the venue doors. Yeah, that came out a bit confusing.

  3. Sara says:

    How sweet are you to give away your book!! I have been eyeing that book for months now, and just haven’t gotten there yet! But I am all about the DIY projects, and am in the middle of several… and i would LOVE to make the earring in the book for my BMs! They are really pretty!

  4. Nikki says:

    I’m the least craftastic person EVER! But for whatever reason I insist on DIYing my invitations, place cards, table numbers, aisle runner, centerpieces, and I think that about covers it for now! So I’m going to need as much help as I can get with each and every project!

  5. christina says:

    Since we are paying for everything I have taken on a lot of DIY projects. I am not crafty/creative, but I am doing my best. I also want a lot of personal touchesand DIY is the best way for that! Centerpieces is a big DIY I am doing. I am also doing escort cards-which I want to be really uniquw, programs, invitations, STDs. Also we are using 100% recycled products for everything we can!

    I would love this book to help inspire me!

    Thanks! Christina

  6. Angi says:

    I would love to DIY flowers, invites, and our card box!

    I linked you:

    : )

    (I’m sorry! I commented on the wrong blog post!!)

  7. Shana says:

    I think that you had a really great idea doing a giveaway! I am on a really tight budget for me and my fiance’s wedding so I’m hoping to DIY as much as possible. I really want our favors to be DIY and unique with a thoughtful touch. I’ve seen this book before, but I’ve been putting it off. 🙂 I seen your post and realized now is the time! Thanks!

  8. bunnyb says:

    Awesome book! I’d love to DIY jewelry and beading! Sounds fun!! 🙂 Thank YOU!

  9. bunnyb says:

    Please enter me twice more. I’ve blogged here:

    Thanks!! 🙂

  10. Chrissy says:

    This is a fantastic idea! And I’ve totally been eyeing this book since I got engaged!

    I really want to try the centerpieces that are in the book with the floating pictures in them. I also want to diy our cardbox, STDs, invites, ect…
    I’m not the craftiest person, but I’m really going to try!!
    Here’s my blog:

  11. Cassey says:

    How cute are you?!?!
    I love DIY! I need to get some great inspiration for programs, sprucing up votives, cardbox, and so much more.
    Im a Baton Rouge Bride!!! GEAUX TIGERS!

  12. Jody says:

    I love the idea of give-a-ways! How nice of you! You’re blog is great, by the way. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  13. Natalie says:

    I am going to DIY everything that I can to cut down costs. I’ll be doing my own save the dates, invitations (hopefully pocketfolds), centerpieces, unity candles, card box, table numbers, escort cards, flowers, favor bags… phew. I have a lot of work.. but at least I have almost a year to prepare! 🙂

  14. Lisa says:

    I am going to DIY as much as I can to cut down on costs. We have a TINY budget, because my parents are paying for our wedding and I am not about to break their bank! My main things that I need help with are a card box and the guys’ boutineers. I have no idea where to even start! I also want to DIY our table numbers.

  15. Jacquie says:

    I am basically DIYing everything so not only do I still need help with how to do it I need ideas as well. I know for sure the pomanders are going to be a pain for me to do and some of the paper stuff.

  16. wonderjolie says:

    I want to DIY as much as possible to keep the costs down but i’m a terrible DIY’er so i need LOTS of help and practice. I’m trying to start with DIY’ing the save the dates.

  17. Rebekah says:

    I would LOVE to do my own flowers – at least the bouquets, but maybe the centerpieces as well. The only problem is that I am not at all creative!!!

  18. I need help with my centerpieces!! I see such amazing ideas in bridal magazines, but then when I got to re-create them…they look awful!!

    Oh yea, and I am tackling my own bouquet, too! What was I thinking?? I would L-O-V-E this book!! 🙂

  19. Chelsey says:

    This would make my life so much simpler! I am planning on DIYing most everything to keep us in budget!!

  20. ladyjane says:

    Oh wow, EVERYTHING about our wedding is DIY so far– the decorations, the food, the (gulp) dresses… I consider myself a fairly creative person (otherwise I wouldn’t be taking any of this on), but I’m gonna need help with DIY-ing our invites.

  21. Anna says:

    I’d love to do DIY flowers, since they’re so expensive otherwise. Actually, I wish I could DIY a lot of things to keep costs down, but it’s not so practical with school and work and all.

  22. Kari says:

    I’m plannig to DIY everything I can. I love DIYing and I’m having such a fun time so far. I’ve had my eye on this book for quite some time so I’ll be envious of whoever ends up winning! Good luck everyone!

  23. Jennifer says:

    Um, can I say everything? Realistically, I’m going to DIY all of my stationary, and a couple of the decorations…card box, aisle runner, etc. I really want to DIY my flowers, but my mom thinks I’m crazy. I want to show her how the book will guide me so she’ll lay off my back a little 🙂 I love my Momzilla!

  24. Tjada says:

    I would love the book! I am not naturally crafty so I need all the help I can get to feel confident enough to do all the DIY that I want to do.

  25. Vanessa says:

    I’ve heard such great things about that book, I’d love a copy!!! I’ve already done so many things DIY, I’d love to do more.

  26. Evelyne says:

    I LOVE craft stuff, but unfortunately time will not cooperate. I “kind-of” DIY-ed my invites, but I would have loved to create my own design from scratch. I would also love to DIY jewelry for me and my wedding party!

  27. Jennifer says:

    I’m a total DIY Budget Bride, and yes, I’ve flipped through the book at Borders! Just no more room in the budget for books, probably because my DIY list is out of control. I’m still working out invitations, escort cards, and programs. Oh, and my quilt-square guest book. And hanging candle holders…

  28. Shawna says:

    What a wonderful and thoughtful idea you have with a DIY book give-away! For my upcoming wedding, we have done our own invitations and they turned out wonderfully. I want to do DIY flowers as well but am having a hard time with ideas for arrangements.

    Also, I have planned that the centerpieces be DIY as it just adds that extra touch. My wedding is a harvest theme in an old log building, so little deco is needed, but I would like to incorporate wheat sheefs, pumpkins, and fall colored leaves spread out, but need some ideas of how to make arrangements and centerpieces for these items!

    Whoever gets the book I’m sure would mucho appreciate it anyways! Great giveaway!

  29. Jen says:

    Oh-so-much-DIY-to-do! Programs, favor boxes, menus, OOT bags/info, placecards, centerpieces, decor for the cocktail hour…help! Thanks for offering this!

  30. Danielle says:

    I have been looking at your blog, and you are so freakin creative!! Between making your own cakes and own stationary. I am also getting married May 2009 and I am not any where close to being as organized as you. HOW DO YOU DO IT? I keep thinking… Oh I have 9 months left, thats plenty of time. Its creeping up on me thats for sure. Anyway, I just wanted to tell your beautiful and Congrats!! GOOD LUCK!


  31. […] more thorough, in my opinion. The DIY Bride You honestly think I would leave you DIY brides out? I gave this book away previously, but that isn’t saying that I hated the book. In fact, I loved it! However, by the time I […]

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