Slowly planning the jewelry for my girls….

Planning for the big day has been pretty slow lately. In 3 days, it will be 9 months until I’m walking down the aisle. Crazy eh? This planning seems to have no end to it, and I’ve been a dedicated planner for 5 months now! Time is flying, don’t get me wrong, but I wish I could get married in quicker than 9 months. We wanna start our lives together NOW! *stomps on floor*

Some little things are in the works though. I purchased all my beads, wires, rubber duckies (j/k), doo-hickies necessary to make my jewelry and my BM’s jewelry. Now, I’ve reached a point of, oh gosh, what crystal combo looks best…would it clash, would they ever wear it again? Bleh… so needless to say, my beads and buckets of fun sit in a nice organizer until I have the patience to just deal with it, bite the bullet and make them! I hold an unsafe obsession with the fleur de lis I bought about 15 fleur de lis charms from a local bead shop to incorporate into the jewelry (tastefully). I don’t want the girls to feel like they are at a Saints’ game for crying out loud!

For my bridesmaids’ necklace, here is my inspiration from Etsy. Her prices for me are a little out of budget, and that’s why I decided to DIY here…I’m going to use fake swarovski pearls instead of freshwater to save a little dough.

So, here arises my dilemma…notice the swarovski crystals in the middle of the 3 pearl series on the necklace? Well, I have 3 colors of crystal…blue zircon, smoked topaz and crystal. I’m not sure if all three look good together, two look together or one looks good on its own with the pearls. The pearls are dark brown..check out the bead colors and let me know what you think would look best on a woman wearing a teal tea-length dress…

So, there is my dilemma…ugh. You can see why I’m taking my time here. I want my girls to want to wear this jewelry and not think it was made by a doofus. Ugh…

Oh well…anyone have suggestions for me? 🙂


One Response to Slowly planning the jewelry for my girls….

  1. Jess (SweetPea) says:

    Ahhhh I’m totally stomping my foot with you!! I know the feeling!

    In regards to the bracelet, I like the blue/brown crystals w/ brown pearl or the plain blue crystal w/ brown pearl 🙂

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