Alfred, thank you!!

I’m so happy that I have four wonderful friends (and two of them, sisters) there to stand by my side on Joey and I’s wedding day! I didn’t want to be a bridezilla and make them wear the same dress, same shoes, same hair. This isn’t elementary school…no uniforms needed here!

I did, however, want my bridesmaids to wear the same color dress. So, I looked online for a few components necessary to make this easy for them to find a dress that they will love!

  1. MANY different styles
  2. affordable
  3. able to find a dress retailer near them

So, in comes Alfred Angelo. I remember this designer from prom days, and loved his dresses. I was delighted to read that they are affordable, and available at most bridal boutiques. Not to mention, there are about 20 pages of styles available!! So, I chose this designer for my bridesmaids!

Look at some of these dresses. Aren’t they are beautiful?!?

Source: Alfred Angelo

One of my bridesmaids is from Dallas (which is nine hours away from New Orleans), so I’m going up there to see her and go dress shopping with her! At the time, Dallas was my only option to see all the dresses in the Alfred Angelo collection, because local bridal shops have a limited supply of styles. However, I found out Baton Rouge has an Alfred Angelo store now!!! So, my local bridesmaids will have a store to go to and check it all out!! I’m so excited!!

By the way, the big day is 8 months and 30 days away…breathe Amy, breathe!


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