Gustav made me do it!

Gustav…you are evil evil evil! Threatening my hometown like Katrina did. Why do you have to come 3 days after the 3 year anniversary since she hit?? UGHHH…

Anyways, beginning of the month, I got a call from my consultant at the bridal shop, and she told me, hey, Maggie’s dresses are rising in price September 1st. You may want to place your order…

So, I figured I’d go Thursday before the 1st. Well, with Gustav, I went yesterday…I didn’t want to forget in the mumbo jumbo of a hurricane en route to New Orleans. I’m super happy it’s now ORDERED! Now, it’s a waiting game…Gustav didn’t push me to go like 4 months early, but hey, I’m gonna blame Gustav for the early order. I wanted to lose more weight! 😦 Ah well, c’est la vie, right?


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