Making a wedding website!

Of course, with the standard wedding, you have the invitations and possibly even Save the Dates to send out to your attendees via snail mail. However, with everything being digital and most of us using the Internet in our everyday lives, a wedding website is an excellent way to share information instantly!

When planning really got started, Joey and I agreed that we definitely needed a wedding website. We are computer geeks, by profession, and know how wonderful of a resource the internet is. So, I looked around at the possibilities for wedding website hosts.

Here are the websites we looked into using..

The Knot
Cost: free
Cool features:
* 40 designs to choose from.
* Can include information like how you met, ceremony/reception details, the wedding party, registry information, etc.
* You don’t get to choose your own www. address
* Designs aren’t very customizable.

Source: The Knot

Cost: free – 14.95/month
Cool features:
* You can choose from many templates as well.
* You can include details to your wedding on the website.
* For the free website, it only lasts one year.
* You have to pay to get the www. domain of your choice
* You can’t include details like directions, online RSVP, etc. on the free website.
* To get your site ad free, you have to pay as well.

Source: eWeddings

My Wedding
Cost: free
Cool features:
* There are many templates available.
* Wedding Paper Divas, Minted and Papeterie makes the templates, so you could match your invites (through them) to your website on My Wedding.
* You can keep a wedding blog through this account, have online RSVP, keep a guestbook, etc.
* You don’t get to choose your own www. domain name.

Source: My Wedding

Wedding Channel
Cost: Free
Cool Features:
* You can choose from many templates.
* You can put in details about your wedding, wedding party, etc.
* You can’t choose your domain name.
* The templates, in my opinion, aren’t as impressive as the other sites mentioned.

Source: Wedding Channel

Wedding Tracker
Cost: $60/year $29.99/year for Wedding Channel members using the promo code WC50
Cool features:
* Not only can you make a website, you can use their planning software which includes online rsvp, gift tracker, seating charts, etc.
* You can have a domain name, but it’s only kept to your actual names, like
* The website itself gave me a lot of errors when I was trying to edit and create a website during my trial period.

Source: Wedding Tracker

Cost: $70/year $34.99/year for Wedding Channel members with promo code WCNW
Cool features:
* Complete control over a www. domain name
* Can completely choose your colors in your theme.
* You can have up to 18 sections/pages on your site
* You can edit your pictures that you post on there through the site
* Fun quizzes/polls to put in, online RSVP, and other fun features
* It’s a flash site, so it takes a while to load for guests.

Source: WedORama

Ultimately, we ended up going with WedORama. We wanted a special domain name, and I was able to fully choose the teal and brown theme in the website. It’s ok if it’s a little slow of a site…it plays music while it’s loading! 🙂

Are you making a wedding website? If so, which host did you/would you choose?


One Response to Making a wedding website!

  1. ray says:

    we have chosen and my wife loves it.

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