Being budget friendly (and no one will EVER know!)

I’m always pretty cheap when it comes to spending my own money. Don’t get me wrong, I do make splurges from time to time, but generally, I’m pretty cheap!

Joey and I both agree on saving money. In fact, when I see him on weekends, our Friday consists of going out to dinner (fairly inexpensively) and then perusing the clearance aisles at Target for some good finds (which there almost always are GREAT finds!).

So, it comes naturally to us to save as much money as possible! Even though you only get married once, it’s ok to save some money too! Here are some great finds on the essentials you will need for your big day!

The Knot’s Trash to Treasure Board

image source

Weddingbee Classified’s

image source

With these two boards, you can find fellow brides selling their gently used wedding items, extra items or even items that didn’t quite make the cut in their wedding. I’ve found a FREE pair of “I do” letters for the cake table, 150 invitation envelopes for $15, 17 gable boxes for $3, oh and SO MUCH MORE off these two boards. They are wonderful and you should check them on a daily basis. You can also post WTB (want to buy) ads, and some friendly brides will let you know that they may have extras they haven’t even THOUGHT of selling yet! It’s a win/win situation for brides here!


image source

This is where I purchased all my beads for my and my bridesmaids’ jewelry. I also plan on going here for my veil and probably a couple other things. Just be smart about sellers…I only buy from sellers who have a 98% or higher rating! 🙂

Target Bridal

image source

Yep, Target has an online bridal section with shoes, dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and many other accessories at Target friendly prices! 🙂 Lately, I’ve been staring heavily at their site, hoping for some decent priced (and eye appealing) flats to make it’s way on the site!

Sam Moon

image source
My bridesmaid from Dallas introduced this store to me, and I actually went there this past weekend (more details about that trip in another post). While the store was very intimidating and large, their website is easy to navigate and has many great wedding items, like costume jewelry, purses, tote bags (think bridesmaids gifts) and much much more. Let’s note that these are at ridiculously bargain friendly prices too!

Are there any other stores that you are using to save money? Or are you an all-the-way splurger (it’s totally ok!)?


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