The evolution of teal and brown

When it came to picking our wedding colors, I always had a place in my heart for pink. Pink is my absolute FAVORITE color, and I thought that I could make my fantasy of pink come true for the big day. Joey knows how much I love the color pink. Whenever I see pink in a store, most of the time, I just HAVE to have it. It’s a small little obsession with a color. šŸ™‚

I remember talking to Joey about our big day long before we got engaged. He knows about my love for pink, but he also did not want our wedding to be ALL pink. We went back and forth for a while, and Joey was the first to come up with the idea of teal. I remember thinking, wow, what an interesting color. Teal has never been a popular color in my head, and it just opened up my mind to something new. So, I definitely agreed on the color for our wedding.

Now, to choose the accent color(s). In my mind, brown instantly popped up. So, I thought maybe hints of coral to make the colors POP would be great. Then, I started doubting myself..coral was too much to me. It would look like a fall wedding, and being that the wedding was in the summer, I couldn’t do it.

I thought, let’s keep it simple. Teal and brown. It wasn’t the most popular color combination, at least when I asked people for inspiration help on the Knot. So, I went with it and inspired myself.

I made this such a long time ago, before I knew about crediting sources, so if your photo is embedded in here, let me know!

I was in love with this color palette, and I still am. When we first got engaged, I thought about adding chartreuse. There was even a couple of posts about it in my blog here. After much thought, and another inspiration board I made, teal and brown was once again embedded in my mind…

Same issue here…please let me know if your photos are here! I’m sorry!!

Ever since I sealed the deal (in my head) on the color palette, teal and brown has appeared more heavily in my everyday life. Either that, or I’ve just become that much more aware to the colors. It’s gotten to the point to where, I think my new favorite colors are teal and brown together!! Poor pink….I miss you but I’m falling harder and harder for teal and brown!!

I’m now in search of a teal and brown rehearsal dinner dress….wish me luck!

Have you grown to love your wedding colors more and more?


5 Responses to The evolution of teal and brown

  1. Cat says:

    my wedding colors were turquoise and brown! it was an awesome color palate, and after i picked them, i realized… everything in my house/closet is turquoise and brown… i guess wedding mimics life in my case! (i still love my wedding colors even though hubs keeps telling me to move on from turquoise and brown…)

  2. T. Cleveland says:

    Can you tell me where I can find the first item posted in the teal and brown color pallet? it looks like teal and brown jewels.


    September 12, 2009 Bride

  3. amyandjoeysbigday says:

    Like I said, I don’t know the exact source. I’m pretty sure I pulled it off google images.

  4. Jenni says:

    What flower colors work with the teal and brown? My wedding is July 31.

    • amyandjoeysbigday says:

      I’m using ivories, pale pinks in my bouquet and brighter pinks in the bridesmaid’s bouquets. I think pink pops against teal and brown. šŸ™‚

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