There are way too many…


Starting when I was an RA in college, I loved going to websites and choosing funky, fun fonts for posters, class notes, etc. Now that I’m a bride, fonts are starting to intimidate me just a little bit.

I mean, I can’t possibly be expected to just choose 1 or 2 fonts for my invites right? There are just so many beautiful fonts. I already chose 1 for my STD’s, but should I carry that over into my invites to incorporate a theme somehow? I guess I could do that, but I have a few more months to choose!

I love free fonts, by the way. The cheaper, the better in my eyes. If you are starting on your font search, here are my two favorite sites to check out!

1001 Free Fonts

You can find all of these wonderful fonts on DaFont. I haven’t had time to go to 1001 Fonts yet.  So, in my search so far, here are some of my favorites!

Calligraphy/Script Options

Brock Script


Chopin Script

Freebooter Script

Honey Script

Serif/Sans Serif Options

Bodoni XT


Geo Sans Light (STD font)

Optimus Princeps
Images source

Also, a great thing I discovered about font sites is that there are fonts called Dingbats. These are graphics, which are treated like fonts. Each letter on the keyboard represents a different graphic! So, they can be any color you want them, any size, etc. Great for invites, monograms, really anything!

Here are some floral dingbats that I love!


Florals 2

Flower Ornaments
Images source

Are you/Did you having trouble finding the perfect font(s) for your wedding papers? Which fonts did you go with if you have already decided on your fonts?


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