Books a Plenty!

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When I first became engaged, I remember going on Amazon and looking at ALL the books that are available to brides. After thoroughly reading reviews on books I was interested in, I bought a few (just a few). I also rented from the library for more to read, but those books were a litttttle on the dated side. (think 80’s style)

Here are the books that I purchased with my reviews on them. These books have so far really helped me in getting some great ideas and I think every bride should have them! I’d love to give them away after the wedding to a reader, but I already promised a dear friend they could have them :).

Bridal Bargains
Miss Hot Cocoa just recently raved about this book, and I’m going to as well! This book has MANY editions, and I have the 7th one. This was given away to me on another blog before I was even engaged! So, I don’t have her URL to credit her on giving this away to me.

Anyway, there are TONS of great ideas in there. It seems the authors really do not have a liking for David’s Bridal, so if you are a David’s bride, you could get a little offended in the dress section of the book. I do have to say though, even if you are a David’s bride, just buy this book and read it (skip the dress section if you have to). The tips in there are just too good! They even have a money saving guarantee on their book!!

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**A new edition, according to Amazon, debuts in November 2008, so if you want the latest and greatest, wait a couple months.**

Wedding Chic: The Savvy Bride’s Guide to Getting More While Spending Less
This book also has some great tips in it on saving money. This type of book just makes you more aware of the wedding industry, and how sometimes, you can get ripped off through some vendors. There are ways to haggle, though, and this book gives you some great tips on how to do that!

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I do have to mention, however, if you want only ONE bargain book, go for the “Bridal Bargains” book. The contents in that book is much more thorough, in my opinion.

The DIY Bride

You honestly think I would leave you DIY brides out? I gave this book away previously, but that isn’t saying that I hated the book. In fact, I loved it! However, by the time I cracked it open, my DIY projects were already planned out. So, I figured I would help a bride. These projects are so easy and glam! I definitely recommend this book!!

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Tying the Knot: The Complete Wedding Organizer
This is a great wedding organizer. It is a flexible plastic binder with plastic folder tabs in PINK. Yes, you knew pink would be in my wedding somehow right? It has some DIY ideas, great information and worksheets in the binder already. The only problem, at least for me, is the binder itself was too small. (I have way too many magazine clippings!) So, I bought a thicker ring size binder and rigged it into a new planner. I’ll save that for another post though…I love my wedding binder!

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Are there any wedding books that you have purchased that you swear by?


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