How could I say no?

As I mentioned in my last post, Mr. Ballet Flat and I have a pretty interesting relationship. Before he even proposed, we were talking about our big day and spending the rest of our lives together!

When Mr. Ballet Flat proposed to me, I think he really did his homework. See, I’m pretty darn shy around strangers, and I get embarrassed very easily when attention is brought my way. So, in my head, I was hoping he wouldn’t do a public type of proposal when the time came. I didn’t want people to watch me bawl like a baby and turn a candy apple shade of red.

Mr. Ballet Flat proposed to me on my birthday. Minutes after it turned midnight on March 16, actually. At the time, Mr. Ballet Flat had just recently closed on what will be our first home,  and we were spending the weekends there painting, cleaning and renovating the house. So, needless to say, around that time, I was half asleep and pretty out of it. I didn’t expect this to happen at all!

On a side note, to help you understand the proposal a bit more, Mr. Ballet Flat, during our relationship, would always play with my engagement finger. It was just a quiet symbol that something will be there soon, and each time he did it, I’d get little butterflies. I really can’t wait to be his wife :).

When he proposed, he started playing with my finger again, but this time, I felt a ring. At first, I thought he was putting on my class ring that I placed next to the bed, kind of as a little joke. However, this band…no…this band was thinner. Wait a second, this ring…oh my goodness…he’s PROPOSING!! This is THE RING!!

So, the tears started flowing automatically. I couldn’t even think straight. Mr. Ballet Flat jokingly asked me, “Why are you so sad?” Of course, that knocked me back into reality, and I’m pretty sure I said “Yes!” at least 10 times. I sprang out of bed to turn on a light to look at the ring, and I was in awe! Just look at this beauty!

I am so happy that Mr. Ballet Flat proposed in a more private way. It made for an awesome start to my 24th year too!!

Did your fiance propose to you in a more private or more public way?


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