Fleur delish!

The fleur de lis is slowly becoming a motif for our wedding. The funny thing is, I used to despise the fleur de lis. See, as a football fan and being from New Orleans, I’m “supposed” to like the New Orleans Saints. However, I don’t. It’s nothing against the team, because, well,  they have good players and solid coaching now. However, it wasn’t like that before, and I remember always being let down as a kid watching the Saints games (when I did). The fleur de lis is the main part of the graphic for the New Orleans Saints, and ever since I was a kid with my dislike for the Saints, I haven’t liked the fleur de lis. I’m ridiculous, I know. For the curious, I have an NFL team that I do like. I cheer for the Indianapolis Colts though, and I can get away with some sort of local cheering: Peyton Manning (from New Orleans) and Joseph Addai (from LSU).

Image source

Sorry hive. I love football. I could go on and on. (but I won’t since this is a wedding blog after all…)

Since being engaged though, I’ve slowly grown to love this little symbol. I see it EVERYWHERE, so it seems.

The first thing Mr. Ballet Flat and I fell in love with was our cake. How beautiful is this cake?

Image source

Thankfully, our reception venue includes the cake. We paid a little extra for the decorations that will be on the cake, but that’s ok 🙂 . It will look exactly like this one, except we will have the fleur de lis (molded sugar cubes) painted in a bronze color and tier buttercream “beads” in a teal color. The cake will have buttercream instead of fondant, and the reasons I went for this is cost and taste. I’ve made good tasting fondant before (I cake decorate for a hobby), but it’s kind of engrained in people’s heads to peel this stuff off anyway, so why pay extra for it? Bakeries can make buttercream INCREDIBLY smooth too with a little bit of parchment and patience. 🙂

I’m sure you all want to know the flavors too! This was the most exciting part: cake tasting! The whole cake will be a 4 tiered almond-flavored white wedding cake with different fillings for each tier.

The bottom tier is going to be what Mr. Ballet Flat drools over…..pineapple.

Image source

It’s a standard wedding cake flavor, at least for the weddings I’ve attended, so it’s pretty safe to say that most people will go for that one.

The second to bottom tier is what I drool over….strawberry.

Image source

It’s been on most of my birthday cakes as a child, and when I tasted it at the bakery, I just had to have it!

Then, the second to top tier will be a chocolate buttercream.

Image source

When I tasted the mild chocolate flavor, I knew this was something that we HAD to do. It’s a little different, but I think it will go over well with our guests. Surprisingly, Mr. Ballet Flat despises chocolate. Yes, he really does. However, he knows how many people like it, and so, he said yes to chocolate! (YAY!)

Our top tier will be saved for our one year anniversary as a couple. Mr. Ballet Flat and I went back and forth on this…pineapple.strawberry.pineapple.strawberry. In the end, Mr. Ballet Flat and I agreed on strawberry filling for our top tier. I may make pineapple filling for him to dip his cake in though (shh…it’ll be our little secret, k?). 

Ok, so I have myself drooling over here. I don’t know if I can wait over 7 more months!! 😉

Are you looking forward to tasting your wedding cake?


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