Finding my motivation…

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I need to cut out this picture and post it on my fridge.

Mr. T would say, “I pity the bride who plans but doesn’t act on it!”

I have so much to do! I guess I’m feeling a small crunch here. Even though the big day is almost 7 months away, it seems far away, but I know that’s pretty close for engaged couples.

I should have sent my Save the Dates a month ago! That was the plan, at least. However, I can’t gather up the motivation to finish the guest list since my iBook died. I know, it’s no excuse. Bad Ballet Flat!

I also need to start on my Gocco projects. I have napkins, invites, thank you notes, etc. to Gocco. I’m just intimidated by the machine, because screens and lamps are hard to come by if I do mess up!

I gained 6 lbs. in a MONTH. I really let myself go here and gained back (and two lbs.) the amount of weight I worked my booty off to lose! I’m so let down right now.

Also, a small background. I’m paying for the majority of the wedding. Saving has never been so hard! It seems everytime I get a good savings going, something comes up. First, the iBook died and now, I need serious dental work done (like $1000 out of pocket..gotta love the rotten genetics of weak enamel!).

I guess I’m just in a small rut right now. I’m feeling the crunch, yet I have no motivation to GET MOVING.

Have you ever had moments like this in your planning?


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