Shall we dance?

You know the saying, dance like no one is watching? Well, uhm, I only dance when no one is watching. It’s really awkward to think that 150 of our closest family and friends are going to watch Mr. Ballet Flat and I *gulp* dance. My idea of a dance is the ever-so-popular sprinkler, but I know that’s not necessarily the most traditional thing to do.

Image source

See? P-diddy even does it. So, it’s GOTTA be cool, right?

Anyway, I’m a little nervous about this dance. So much, that I encouraged Mr. Ballet Flat and I to apply for TLC’s Rock the Reception. 🙂 I haven’t gotten a call or email yet, but hey, there’s still hope for us right? Right?!

I know there’s not a chance in heck that they will call us, so I’m going to need some courage to just appear on the big day. I’m hoping the adrenaline and copious amounts of happiness helps!

As far as music goes, Mr. Ballet Flat and I are torn between two songs, it seems (last we talked about it, at least).

Here’s what I like:

Here’s what he likes:

In case this doesn’t work, click here. Savage Garden wants to cause problems, I guess. 🙂

Well, I kind of like his too, but I’m not sure what to think. This Aerosmith song comes from my favorite movie EVER (Armageddon). I played that tape (yep, good ol’ VHS) so much it’s now broken.

So, hive, what do you think? Should I bend to Mr. Ballet Flat’s liking or push for some Steven Tyler?

Was choosing your first dance song easy?


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