What to wear…on my face?

I kind of have a problem. I love make-up. I own a lot of it, and it makes me feel good when I go to MAC and just get a lipstick. It brightens my day. Mr. Ballet Flat knows how much I love pretty eye colors too. In fact, for Christmas, he got me the big kahuna of make-up colors!

Image source

It’s pretty fun, this palette. I’ve discovered some colors that look spectacular on me! (and some, well, not so spectacular..)

I remember when I got engaged and thought about the glamour of having someone come to the hotel, apply the perfect colors of make-up, do my hair and I would look flawless and feel beautiful. Then, I saw the price tag of it. Whoa…

So, the options started pouring in. I knew that MAC will do your make-up for free, that is, if you buy $40 in products. That would cover lipstick, gloss and a powder, so perfect for touch-ups. It’s still $40, but I’d feel justified with products in hand.

I could just DIY, right? Well, I’m by no means a professional at this, and I want my make-up to be flawless and actually STAY. So, I started researching and found Model in a Bottle.

Image source

So, I bought it and tried it a few times. This stuff works wonderfully, but it feels like I put hairspray on my face a little bit. After work, my make-up looked (almost) the same as when I applied it that morning! So, brides, this stuff works.

I was so psyched! I could save $40-60 on my make-up using what I already have!! Yippee! Then, came the time to try to find a look. I was terribly torn.

I love the natural and a subtle smokey eye look. Two complete extremes here…but check these out!

Image source

Image source

I tried and tried to make these looks happen on my face, but whenever I tried, it looked SO wrong for me. So, I decided to throw DIY out the window for the big day, and rely on a pro for this.

THEN, I realized, the MAC store doesn’t open until 9 on Saturdays, which would make a time crunch for us all getting our make-up and hair done too! (Our wedding is early afternoon) So, I squeezed it out of my budget to afford a professional to come to my house (or wherever we are) on the big day to make all of us ladies b-e-a-utiful! After many calls and research, I decided on Emily with Get Polished.  Sure, she’s pricey, but she has RAVING reviews. I’m hoping to see both looks on me from her at a trial, and make a decision from there!

How are you doing your make-up? DIY? Make-up counter? Or a house call professional?


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