I love these gals!

As you might remember from this post about my bridesmaid, Miss K, she ended up picking her dress first out of the 4 ladies who are in my bridal party. I failed to explain that I’m letting my bridesmaids choose their dress. As long as it’s an Alfred Angelo tea-length dress in tealness, I’m good to go! Reason being, they all are very different in body type, size and height. I couldn’t justify choosing one dress to fit their likings. I want them to love their dress and not feel obligated to buy something they otherwise would NEVER choose.

A couple weekends ago, I went with Miss J to go choose her dress at Alfred Angelo. I failed to mention that I know Miss K and Miss J from a national service organization called Silver Wings. We were pretty involved in the organization and eventually were officers together for LSU.  Such great college memories…sigh. We all share a slight obsession with “My Humps” by Black Eyed Peas, and it’s in the works to choreograph a dance to this song for the wedding with the gals! (sisters will be included too!) Anyway, besides my two sisters, these ladies are the closest gal pals I’ve ever had!

Me and Miss K

Me and Miss J

Anyways, onto Miss J’s choice in bridesmaid fashion. 🙂 Unfortunately, the Alfred Angelo we went to didn’t have this dress, but Miss J loved it so much from the pictures, she knew it would be the one for her!

Image source

I can’t wait to see her in the dress when it comes in! My sisters will be dress shopping for them in November (no worries, I’ll be tagging along!), so stay tuned for their choices in their dress! I totally can’t wait!!

Have you chosen a dress for your girls or are you letting them choose the dress?


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