A driving dilemma…

I’ve been a good bride. I booked everything within a month of being engaged. Well, almost everything.

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I still haven’t booked the limo(s). I know, I know…tomorrow is exactly 7 months until the big day, and I haven’t booked or looked much into the transportation yet.

Mr. Ballet Flat and I are on a budget, and we don’t exactly know how many limos to rent and what kinds of limos to rent, how long to rent them. We have SO many questions, and we don’t want to waste money. On top of that, I’ve read bad reviews on almost EVERY limo company in New Orleans on the local Knot boards.

I feel like the days keep passing by and this little problem won’t get solved. However, I know it won’t until we do something. Man, oh man!

What are you ladies doing/have done for transportation? If you are from NOLA, did you have good service from a certain company as well?


One Response to A driving dilemma…

  1. Alanna says:

    Hey Amy! Limos were a difficult decision for us too. It seems so expensive just to be driven from point A to point B. We used A Regal Limos. We heard a month before our wedding that the owner got thrown in jail for drugs or something, so we were SOOOO nervous it would all fall apart on the wedding day, but miraculously everything went smoothly. They called me while I was getting ready that morning and said the heater was broken on the limo so they had to send a stretch navigator instead. Free upgrade! And it wasn’t even that cold so it was really nice of them to do that. Bottom line is, you’ll just have to pick one and hope for the best because you can’t anticipate what might actually happen the day of. Just have a back up plan, someone with a car, who can drive you and Joey to the church in case all else fails. Everyone else can fend for themselves, ha! I think if you just start pricing them out (if you havent already) and go with the cheapest one, you’ll be fine. Thats what we did. We got 3 limos – 1 for Chad’s family that went to his house in Kenner, 1 for my bridesmaids and family that came to my house, and 1 just for me and my dad to take us to the church. They all waited at the church and drove us all to the reception in Metairie. Make sure to get police escorts from St Charles parish. They can drive you through a different parish, like Jefferson. But Jefferson won’t come to St. Charles and they try to tell you that you have to get 1 from St Charles and 1 from Jefferson and stop at the parish line, which is not true. Everyone worked out their own transportation from the reception back home. A lot of them dropped their cars off at The Balcony ahead of time. Then we had a black sedan drive Chad and I to the hotel. The Sedan transfer was only $25 if I remember correctly. I think we paid about $750 – 800 total for limos and sedan. Oh – and as we came out of the church, the limo driver poured us some champagne before getting into the limo! I loved that. Anyway, I hope this helps somewhat. Let me know if you have questions!

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