We’re going to DISNEY WORLD!!!

You know, it was kind of hard to choose a place to go for our honeymoon. We were thinking, well, NYC, Niagara Falls, Cruise in the Caribbean…sigh…but none of them REALLY appealed to our liking.

I wanted Disney World..bad. (I’m such a Mickey dork!)

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Mr. Ballet Flat knew that I LOVE Disney, but he also didn’t see a family theme park as a romantic getaway for us. However, Mr. Ballet Flat loves thrill rides, so we decided on Orlando for our honeymoon. I say Orlando, because we are actually going to Disney World and Universal/Islands of Adventure.

One thing we found rather difficult was finding lodging for our honeymoon that would be budget friendly and couple friendly, of course. Disney on-site was expensive, if we wanted to TRY to avoid kids screaming down the halls. Places off-site weren’t that cheap either. So, I did a little searching and thought to look into vacation home rentals.

I read so many great things on Disney boards about renting a home for a family, but I was afraid, once again, of the price. However, home rentals are WAY budget friendly!!

We ended up booking a 4 bdrm/3 bath house with a private pool and jacuzzi. It has a normal kitchen as well, with pots and pans, if we feel like cooking one night and staying in. According to the maps, it’s 10 minutes from the Disney gates!! We’re really excited! Yes, it’s excessive, but we knew there would be privacy there! PLUS, it’s only $149/night to stay in this huge house. Here’s a picture of a similar house we went with. They all look the same in the neighborhood.

Image source

I’m so excited about this road trip with Mr. Ballet Flat! It will be so much fun to experience Disney in a different way than with our families! 🙂

How did you and your fiance decide on the honeymoon location?


One Response to We’re going to DISNEY WORLD!!!

  1. sara says:

    Im going to Disney too!! My fiance and I wrote down a list of places we would like to go to and then switched lists. We died laughing when we realized Disney was at the top of both. What can I say? Lol. I hope you have an amazing time! My gma is a travel agent and sent us tons of books and gave us some really good tips on what packages to get and also different deals they have the month we are going. You should check with your travel agent just to get an idea on anything special.

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