More Martha Love…

As I mentioned in my last post, I love Martha Stewart. My absolute favorite wedding magazine is her Weddings magazine. She has wonderful inspiration pictures and most importantly, DIY projects.

I’m definitely incorporating a few of her projects into the wedding. Call me crazy but I LOVE crafts!

Ribbon Flowers

Image source

I’m planning on making quite a few of these into a throw away bouquet. It would be a funky personal touch to a traditional part of the reception. I bought TONS of teal and brown patterned ribbon at Michael’s on sale for $1. Gotta love the sales!

Program Pockets

Image source

This idea would work so well for me. I have leftover pocketfold paper that could house the programs. However, I wonder if the church would allow me to do this, and if people would even notice that they are on the ends of the pew, rather than by the door of the church. I could gocco on little fleur de lis on the pocket too. Yet another use for the Gocco, right?

Pressed Bouquet
Image source


I love this idea of making a keepsake for after the wedding. I’m super excited about the wedding flowers, and would love to keep parts of it with me for a long time. I’d have to ask my mom or sister to start it for me, however, since I will be out of town right after the reception.

Are you using any of Martha’s ideas in your wedding?


One Response to More Martha Love…

  1. Gee says:

    I think the pressed bouquet keepsake is a lovely idea! My bouquet though is made of less delicate flowers so wouldn’t work for me…

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