Not so Glare-morous

Most of my life, I’ve worn glasses. They don’t aggravate me when I wear them at all. It’s something I’ve gotten used to, but just recently, in thinking about our wedding, I want to be a bride with no glasses. No, I’m not just taking off my glasses. If I did that, everything would be blurry and my klutz level would rise to dangerous proportions. Reason for the switch then? Glare…yeah, you glasses wearing brides know ALL about glare!

I’ve been HAUNTED by glare in yearbook pictures, candids, prom night and almost engagement. However, our wedding photog is excellent and she just wasn’t going to let it happen! Check out our e-pics for proof! 🙂

Look at an example of my tragic glare that I found all over my facebook pictures. Sorry for the bad quality.

I decided to avoid any type of glare, I’m going to wear contacts. *gasp* Well, I’ve worn contacts before in college. I just quit because I’m lazy and really don’t like fighting with my eyes in the morning. Here’s a picture of me with contacts.

Now, the fun part: Picking the contacts. I’m naturally greenish-greyish (weird color) eyes. Here, I’m wearing aqua enhancements. Acuvue sells these enhancement contacts that just add tint to light colored eyes. It doesn’t look fake at all!

Image source

I really liked the aqua when I wore them, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to get those again.

If you are hesitant about colors, you can always go to the site for a free trial pair or even a virtual look at how the colors would look on you. However, I couldn’t get my eyes to line up quite right in the picture to show you an example. It’s a little hard to work with, but hey, can’t beat a free trial pair!

Are any of you glasses wearing brides looking to wear contacts?


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  1. Leneir says:

    Hey do you have a contact number for Christina O’Malley? I can’t find her info anywhere!

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