Target just keeps giving me reasons to go there, spend my paycheck and still love them forever. If only I would have seen this before planning out my invitations, I think my DIY-crazed mind would have been gravitated towards these.

I’m pretty sure I can speak for the hive when I say we all drool over a meticulously personalized letterpress invitation. It’s all about the texture, right? However, when it comes to the price tag of these beautiful invitations, some of our minds (at least mine) change.

**enter Letter Impress**

Target, in partnership with Gartner Studios has a line of premade invitations called Letter Impress. These are blank invitations, RSVPs and corresponding envelopes with the designs already on them. You get a set of 50 for $34.99!! Amazing deal right??

Check out some of these beautiful designs!

Black Filigree

Image source

Pink Peony

Image source

Navy Blue Stripe

Image source

In addition, they also carry Letter Impress Save the Dates and Thank You notes. 

To make it even more foolproof and tempting, they have the word templates for each invitation type on their website! So, it really can’t get much easier than this!

Here’s a secret for you brides who have more than a year to plan. There are seasonal invitation kits and also some designs that go on MAJOR clearance when they are discontinued. I’m talking 75% off. I saw some fall kits on clearance at my local Target for $8.74 a kit! I also saw a Navy Blue Stripe box for 75% off and bought it. I figured, hey, one day, I could use these for some party I host…. one day!

Clearances are my weakness…

So hive, do you have any stationery hidden gems that you’ve seen for the budget-conscious?


2 Responses to Letter IMPRESS!

  1. Linda says:

    I am looking for the discontinued Pink Peony invites… do you know how I can find them?
    Thank you!
    email: lindatrinhpham@yahoo.com

    • amyandjoeysbigday says:

      Have you tried ebay? I didn’t see any on there or even put a wanted ad on the Weddingbee.com boards (under classifieds) or the Trash to Treasure forum on the Nest (powered by the Knot). I’m sure someone has leftovers to sell!

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