The Secret Life of Bees: Ballet Flat Edition

I’m a fairly dull person. I don’t really have a super interesting secret about myself, but I would love to introduce the hive into a different part of my life: the foodie.

I love to cook and bake. I wouldn’t be able to say the same a year ago, but in the past few months, I’ve grown a true appreciation for cooking and baking.

I have to thank The Nest for this. See, they have a forum called “What’s Cooking?” and well, yes, the Nest is for the married technically, but uhm, I ventured off and found a great group of gals who have helped me develop this passion for all things food.

I watch Food Network religiously, and just subscribed to their new magazine. Mr. Ballet Flat does grow tired of me staring at chefs meticulously garnishing beautiful dishes, but he knows it’s grown to be a big hobby of mine. Plus, for the most part, he has no problem trying the dishes I make!

I even have a food blog. It may seem lame to some, but there is a whole community of food bloggers out there who have basically taught me everything I know! I take it as a challenge to lighten up regular recipes at times, and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I have almost 100 food blogs that I keep in my google reader, and read religiously.

Another hobby I’ve gotten out of being a foodie is cake decorating. I started that little hobby last spring, and I’ve grown proud of my little masterpieces. I don’t even want to show the world my attempts at cake decorating before taking Wilton classes, but let’s just say Cake Wrecks (hilarious blog by the way) would have a lot to make fun of! I’m especially excited about making an elephant jungle cake for Mr. Ballet Flat’s nephew next weekend! Here’s some of the favorite things I’ve learned to make: royal icing and gumpaste flowers! (seriously, they aren’t hard at ALL to make!)


I guess I can say the secret is out. I hope no one thinks I’m too weird!

Are there any foodie brides out there? I can’t be the only one, right?


One Response to The Secret Life of Bees: Ballet Flat Edition

  1. Angela says:

    Everything I’ve learned about cooking in the past few years has been thanks to food blogs 🙂 Our registry is packed with cooking stuff so I can upgrade from my second-hand college-years utensils. I also have a couple of cookbooks on the registry as well!

    Oh, and I also love Cake Wrecks!

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