Reward yourself!!

I’m totally an internet shopper. I have purchased many wedding related items through the internet, and as costly as that can get, there are small ways to pay yourself back for purchases and for internet surfing in general!!

My first favorite is Swagbucks.

Image source

Here, you can reward yourself for searching things such as that perfect vendor or favor box! Swagbucks is mainly a search engine that combines Google and results for you, and if you go through them, you have a pretty good chance at earning Swagbucks. If you search as much as I do, these will add up quickly (I earn about 50/week). Once you have enough Swagbucks, you can go to their online store and order FREE gift cards to stores like iTunes, Subway and Barnes & Noble.

Another favorite I have is MyPoints.

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MyPoints is a website that kind of acts like a monkey in the middle for shopping. You log in on their site, click on your store of choice, say “Banana Republic” and it will redirect you to Banana Republic’s site. You make your order, and then, after a few days (it has to be approved) you get a certain amount of points for each dollar you spend. Points add up to free gift cards and many, many store merchants. There are also merchants where you get a set amount of points. For example, buy an Entertainment book and get 750 points! I’m currently up for a $25 gift card, and I’m totally getting a Williams-Sonoma one so I can order some mini loaf pans for the holidays! 🙂 They also have promotions and little surveys to get you points every now and then as well!

Another fun thing they have is refer a friend, where if your friend joins and accrues 250 points, you will get 250 points as well! Pretty cool, right?

Another one that I really like is eBates.

Image source

Right when you sign up, you can get a free $10 gift card to a store of choice. No catch here, just for signing up. If you refer friends anytime in your membership, you and your friend also get cash bonuses!

This website has the same idea as MyPoints, except you get a check mailed to you rather than gift cards. Sometimes, there are promotions for double % for certain stores here too, to where you can get up to 12% cash back! (Vistaprint is 10% cashback.)

And, my final favorite is ChaCha. (no, not the dance!)

Image source

ChaCha is a website that answers random questions that anyone has on their mind. It works where you can either call or text them, and a trained guide sends you the answer back for free! The way to make money here is to become a ChaCha guide. This is something to do when you are bored at home, or at work on your lunch break (if internet usage is allowed there). Basically, you earn 10 cents (at first) per question you answer, and you can build yourself up to 20 cents an answer. This could result in some serious extra cash, if you’re determined. There are some pretty extreme guides who spend a good bit of time doing this and make almost $500/month!! I just became a guide, so I haven’t really explored my earning potential yet. 🙂

Are there any other fun internet sites where you go for great freebies like this?


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