Wherever have I been?

I have to apologize for my absence last week, hive! This Ballet Flat had a root canal Tuesday (soda is evil, kids) and said bye bye to my job in New Orleans. I officially moved to Baton Rouge, and I couldn’t be happier!! (because I’m now in the same city as Mr. Ballet Flat!)

Home of..

Image source
That’s the capitol building for Louisiana, and being on the tippy top of that building, you have a very beautiful, serene view. I highly recommend this for any Baton Rouge-ians (after all, it’s free!).

Image source
Tiger Stadium…only the happiest place you can be on a Saturday!

Now, I won’t lie…I miss my family. I miss them dearly, and I miss my old job too! In fact, there was a huge surprise for me that Friday at work that I am SO appreciative of my coworkers for! It made the day wonderful, yet that much harder to leave. (I’ll save that for another post!)

So, naturally, after a difficult week, I broke down last Friday after I got to Baton Rouge, and thankfully, Mr. Ballet Flat knew how I could drown my sorrows. Chick-Fil-A’s seasonal Peppermint Choc. Chip milkshake!! (I’m such a kid, right?)

If you made the move to your fiance, was it hard on you or was the transition easy?


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