There’s a big check that I can take off the to-do list thanks to an Alfred Angelo sale: my sisters chose their bridesmaid dresses!

Boy, what a task that was too! See, with my other two friends, they knew what they wanted. Took them maybe 30 minutes to choose the dress. Not my sisters. I love them, but they had NO idea what they wanted, and they brought mom along. So, you know what that means: four minds. Four female minds all trying to find 2 dresses for 2 girls. I include myself, because my sisters begged for my input.

My mother basically took every style of shorter dress in their size, and we whisked ourselves away to the fitting room before anyone could even help us out. Yep, that’s my mother. She wanted to give every dress a chance (as long as it didn’t look completely ridiculous).

One hour worth of trying on, pulling, clipping and a few internal dilemmas, my sisters have chosen their dresses!

My maid of honor, Mizz K (Miss K is another bridesmaid, remember? We MUST differentiate here!) chose a beautiful dress. She wanted to be different though. As my aunt would say, “Just give her the #$^*@ sash!” So Mizz K got her sash in the end.

Here she is modeling her dress. It will be in tealness, and the sash in espresso.
I just hope Mama Ballet Flat and Mizz K don’t hate me too harshly for posting these pictures for the world to see!

My other sister, Miss R, is really laid back. She is a youthful (almost) 16, and wanted to reflect that in her dress. I think the bow in the dress really helps with that! Her dress will be all tealness, because, like I said, Mizz K wants to keep her espresso sash unique!


Also, remember Miss J? She bought her bridesmaid dress without seeing the style on her (since our store didn’t carry that style and she wanted it that badly), and recently picked it up. She loves it! Gosh, that girl knows her fashion! Yay Miss J!

Also, Miss K, not to be confused with Mizz K, is coming in town from Dallas for a super fun filled Gocco party!! Stay tuned for the invites! They are gonna be AWESOME!

Did any of your bridesmaids have trouble choosing their dress? (if you let them choose)


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