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(what my wedding “to-do” list is looking like right about now….)

We did it. We officially booked our limousine company. I felt like a major procrastinator in not booking the limos yet, but one day, I researched, emailed and the next, we chose. It’s crazy, because I felt like I still had something big left to do, and now, it’s all the little things from here! (a lot of little things, though! I just need to make a new “to-do” list!)

It’s so hard to look at a calendar and see what used to be 14 months away, now almost 5 months away! 5 months! It’s absolutely nuts! Not that I cannot WAIT to marry Mr. Ballet Flat, but pretty soon, all this planning will be over. All my obsessing with the DIY details, making the large to-do lists, budgeting, will be over. I’ll walk away a Mrs. in 5 very short months, and it’s just amazing to me that this is all about to take place!

Since we are marrying in the Catholic church, next month, we are going on an engaged couples retreat. I’m a little nervous about that, because I have NO idea what we are in for. We didn’t do very well on the FOCCUS test at all, and I’m afraid the retreat will be just the same.

Then, later the next month, invitations are going out! Eep!! It’s so crazy!

Have any of you brides reached a realization with your wedding countdown? Do you feel like you will have it all sorted out by the big day?


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