I had to cheat!

I feel like I cheated my (bee) name, and you will see why. As I’ve mentioned before, Mr. Ballet Flat and I are the same height. So, the shoes proved to be a big dilemma.

I am now rushed to find my shoes, because THE DRESS came in. I was informed that I need to have my shoes picked out by February 3rd for the dress to be altered in time for my springtime bridal pictures. So, needless to say, I spent New Years weekend on a shoe hunt.

Here was my criteria:

  1. comfortable
  2. low heel
  3. doesn’t make my feet look huge (I’m a size 9.5/10)
  4. less than $100

I first started at my bridal shop, however, they only had sample shoes in size 7-8. The consultant joked that I should cut off my toes like in Cinderella. Serious fail right there!

The next day, I went to (gulp) David’s Bridal on a Saturday. I just wandered around the shoe section alone, and that helped me. No pressure…just me, two of those way too small poor excuses for hoseiry, and 20 styles of shoes. I immediately eliminated the super high heels for obvious reasons and began my hunt.

I explored pointed toe shoes, and my feet felt GIGANTIC.  I tried on peep toe shoes (shout out Miss Peep Toe), but the heels were way too unstable. I even tried on (personal shout out) ballet flats! However, the heel dug into my skin (ouch!).

I lost hope. Then, I saw these. Oh so simple, with a cute rhinestone buckle.

Image source

Psssh! I thought, no way. The heel is 2″. WAY too high for me. My ankles will FLOP.

I tried them on, stood up and took a step. Whoa…I was able to take a step without stumbling. Then, I took more, wiggled a little to see how stable and comfy the shoe was. I was getting a little happy  here. Then, I looked at the price tag thinking, “Dear God, let these be in budget.”

They were TOTALLY in budget. They were $50!!!!

The first negative thing I thought about was cheating on my Weddingbee name. BLASPHEMY! Miss Ballet Flat will not be wearing Ballet Flats to her wedding! (sorry hive!)

I immediately put on my tennis shoes and asked a lady if I could order these, because the pair I tried on was all worn, dirty…you could imagine. To my surprise and absolute delight, they had extra FRESH pairs in the back!

I walked super confidently to the front, glanced at the “NO RETURNS” sign and stopped. I thought to myself that this was it. These are the shoes. These are going to be on my feet on the big day!! I got in line, bought them, got home and showed them to my mom. My mom, being a seemingly super picky, knows how to shop for shoes (love you, Mom!), woman APPROVED! (not that I couldn’t turn back, but it was great to get her approval on these!)

I have shoes now! YAY!

**On a side note, I do plan on making (i.e. fancying up white Old Navy flip flops) plan B reception shoes because I know for a fact I will not last in heels for 6+ hours!**

Did you end up picking shoes in a style that you didn’t expect to choose?


One Response to I had to cheat!

  1. Tameka says:

    Those are so cute!! I’m so happy for you!! Glad you found something you love! Hope I can do the same!!

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