Gearing up!

Thanks again to everyone in the hive for your support in my journey to a healthier lifestyle! I know with the new year, I started a workout routine and realized, oh gosh, I have no gear! I need gear! So, some of my Christmas money went towards workout gear!

First, I realized that my lame excuses for sports bras were not gonna cut it. I bought them a few years back at Lane Bryant, and during my step test, all I could feel (besides the excruciating thigh pain) were the girls bouncing.

So, I went to Target and looked, hoping for a plus sized sports bra. I didn’t see anything made for plus size, but I found this:

Image source

They were in sizes up to XXL and on clearance for $12. So, I purchased a couple in bright colors (because hey, it’s under the clothes and bright colors make me happy), went home and tried it on. Surprisingly, this bra fit really well. (I’m a size 22, if any of the plus sized brides are wondering if this bra could possibly fit them.) So, I brought this bad boy to kickboxing last night, and for the first time in a long time, I didn’t have straps leaving red marks on my shoulders and my girls were UNDER CONTROL! I’m going to Target today to buy a couple more, since I’m working towards 4 workouts/week. I don’t want to be stuck washing bras in the middle of the work week!

Another device that I have and absolutely LOVE is my iPod.

Image source

I have an older nano, as pictured and it’s so small that I barely notice it in my arm holster! I love having my playlists geared towards my workout time, complete with a couple of cool down songs.

With my nano, I am starting to use this to work towards my goal of one day running a 5K.

Image source

This bad boy is fabulous! It’s like a pedometer with some fancy schmancy extras on it. You listen to your music and at the same time, your iPod is counting your steps and distance. You do need to calibrate it often (for running and walking), though, so it can calculate your stride distance. You can also upload your results to Nike Plus’s website, join running/walking communities, set goals and see your progress throughout your past runs. This is such a great tool (and only $30) and I can’t wait to see how my runs (right now, walk/runs) progress throughout this journey!

A (small) setback it has is that it claims that you need Nike Plus shoes. However, companies make little pockets that attach to your shoe strings to make it compatible with shoes you already own! These are like $10 or less, so it’s really reasonable!

Do you have any other gear that you recommend to those trying to start a workout regime?


One Response to Gearing up!

  1. Authentically U Bride says:

    Congrats on yur find at Target and your new commitement!!

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