The finger huggers!

Thanks to a recent Monday holiday with our work, Mr. Ballet Flat and I conquered a pretty huge task on our wedding to-do list: the rings.

My ring was easy to find. All I wanted it to do was to match my engagement ring. Mr. Ballet Flat did so great with this ring…I still get compliments on it!!

So, the jewelers found my exact match, and here’s a similar picture of what it will look like.

Image source

I did find out some funny news at the store. My e-ring has been a little loose, so they re-sized me and I went down a ring size! When it gets closer to the wedding, I’ll have my e-ring rhodium dipped and re-sized. My e-ring is a size 7 and we ordered the wedding band in a size 6.5. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with weight loss or not…

**By the way, as of today, I’m 10 lbs. down from when I blogged about finding motivation. Thanks hive for the support!!**

Now, for Mr. Ballet Flat. He tried on many rings, and after pondering over a hammered texture gold band and a titanium ring,  he chose the titanium ring. Main reason? Titanium doesn’t scratch :).

Image source

Isn’t the cord in that ring super cool? It’s real cord in there, and yes, Mr. Ballet Flat is going for a little bling too. 🙂

I can’t wait until our rings come in. This was definitely one of those moments where things started to feel more and more real.

What were one of your planning moments where it really started to feel more real?


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