Staying Power!

I have a problem with make-up. While it looks beautiful upon application, it wears off fast. I’m plagued by oily skin, Louisiana humidity and the tendency to be overly emotional. I’m thankful to have my make-up professionally done, so hopefully that problem won’t be too bad, but I will be enlisting the help of some products to give the make-up that boost to stay on through the day!

I would like to mention a HUGE thank you to Makeup Alley. This website is AWESOME (and free). It’s all makeup/beauty products and users review them, listing their age, skin type, what they thought, etc. to give you an idea of if the product might work on you.

First you go to the product review page and you get a search option.
Image source

Then, you are able to search by category (foundation, eye shadow, etc.), brand name (Maybelline, Smashbox, etc.) and product name (Oil Blotting sheets, Paradise Pink lipgloss, etc.)

From there, you click on your product and you can see a review rating/# of reviewers/percent rating. Then, below it, you see written reviews!

Image source

From there, there is a search function in the middle of the page where you can find people like you who have used the product, and get the reviews you want to read. It’s a great website and I recommend it to those looking to revitalize their make-up bag!

Here are some new favorites that I have found!

First of all, despite my highlights, I am a natural blonde. So, my eyelashes are few and far between (and not to mention, blonde). So, mascara has become a nemesis of mine.  I hate clumps and weird brushes, and I can’t justify paying big bucks for something I have to chunk in a few months. So, I found this lash lengthening mascara from Mary Kay for $10, and SERIOUSLY, it has made my eyelashes go va-va-voom all day! No clumps too!

Image source

Like I mentioned, I also have very oily skin. These blotting sheets have been my BFF since high school, but I swear, this product is a lifesaver from the shinies! Sucks that oil nastiness right up!

Image source

Softlips is replacing my chapstick. They have so many yummy flavors and this product just makes my lips feel naturally soft, not like I have a layer of wax on top of them. I love this product, and since it comes tinted, I’m going to invest in this for the big day when the lipgloss wears off!

Image source

MAC Paint in Bare Canvas is a great eye makeup primer. It matches my fair skin color really well and nothing leaves my eyes or creases weird. So far, this is my number one and has lasted me almost a year now! I still have over half of a tube left too!

Image source

Model in a bottle is an allover face spray. It does feel slightly sticky at first after application, but really, nothing comes off of you with this on. If you are DIYing your make-up and want staying power, this is big time recommended!!

Image source

Do you have any make-up products that help to give you the staying power you need on your big day?


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