Finding that balance…

I’ve noticed a lot with planning our big day, there is a lot of trouble with finding that balance.

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One of the biggest decisions that a couple makes is where they are going to live post-wedding. For Mr. BF and I, the decision was simple. We both loved Baton Rouge, and despite my New Orleans roots, I was ready and eager to move out there permanently. The problem was when should I make the move? My dilemma was difficult…I had a great job in NOLA, had the vacation time needed for the honeymoon and really got along well with some of my coworkers. However, I realized I didn’t want to change jobs and get married at the same time, so last Fall, I decided to put my resume out there.

Well, I found a job and moved out to Baton Rouge. The dilemma now? No vacation time…I started at zero. That’s right, how am I going to enjoy a 9 day vacation with Mr. BF knowing that it won’t be completely paid? Well, doing the math in the beginning, I figured only two days would be unpaid. Simple enough. However, with the wedding in the New Orleans area, there are things that have to get done on weekdays to keep my sanity on safe level. The drive alone from New Orleans to Baton Rouge is about 1.5 hours each way, so whenever I need to go down there, that’s 3 hours vacation time gone, just for travel!

My dress alone is pretty PTO (paid time off) consuming. The store I purchased from in the New Orleans area only has alterations from 10-2 on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. I could go Saturday, but store employees and local knotties have informed me that this is bridezilla central. I’m not really much for crowds, so I have to take days off to get fitted, refitted and with this weight loss, it won’t be easy.

I’m sure there will be other days where I’ll need to go back down to take care of the little things, but really hive, please tell me I’m not the only bride facing this dilemma! I’m really looking forward to the honeymoon, but I feel awful that some of it will be unpaid!


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