It’s all changing!!

Thinking back just a couple of months ago, I really have to call myself lazy. I ate fast food almost every day/night, never worked out and just didn’t care about myself much in general. I can say during the holiday season, I was really hard on myself. I thought I was super ugly and could never see myself as a gorgeous bride.


I joined the YMCA a month ago, telling myself it was time to change. I had to change…I hated my looks, hated walking up and down the stairs feeling winded. This is all too familiar, wanting to change.

I told myself that back in 7th grade when I was the fat girl on the cheerleading squad. I told myself back in my junior year that I wouldn’t be the fat girl at prom. I told myself that when I was in one of the largest band uniform sizes at LSU.

As I sat in on that new member meeting, where I was to schedule my first fitness assessment, I looked around and noticed I was the largest person in the room. At that point, I was driven to change. I knew half of these people would quit within a month…they were just here for resolutions, as the leader said. I didn’t want to be a resolution person. No way, I was here for good.

As hurtful as it was to get my results of the assessment, I knew it could only get better from here. I vowed to workout 4 times/week. My fitness assessor didn’t believe I could do it. Her theory was that if I couldn’t walk the stairs for 3 minutes, how could I expect to work out for an hour 4 times/week? It made sense, but I’m really stubborn and that made me more driven to prove her wrong.

I went to my first kickboxing class that next Monday. I remember being ready to leave after the warm up, and almost passing out during the cool down. I’ve attended that kickboxing class religiously every Monday and Wednesday, when it’s offered. Just Monday, it hit me. I was doing all the moves with little to no stopping. It felt great! I talked to my instructor last night about my wedding plans, and how the dress fitting went on Monday. (they are taking it in a whole size because the dress’s corset closes completely right now) He was so happy for me, and just seeing that, is driving me to keep going. I also noticed on the YMCA’s fitness computer, where I log my workouts that my fitness assessor wrote me a note. She said she was so proud of me for doing an average of 132.5 minutes of cardio/week and to keep it up!!

I’m currently at 11 lbs. down right now. I lost 1 lb. last week, which is fine by me! The biggest change I notice is when I skip a workout day, I feel guilty and actually make up for it. This is so weird, because I used to hate exercise! Now, I feel like I need it or my day will be sluggish!. This is so weird, how my mentality of everything is changing. I love it!

When you started a fitness plan, did you notice your mentality towards exercise and diet changing?


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